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Learning Beyond the Classroom

In the Learning Beyond the Classroom experience you will apply the theories and concepts learned in the classroom to the athletic field, the workplace, the community, and across the campus. Through a reflective paper, you will walk away with an understanding of how this experience connects to your overall education and has given you new insight into yourself and your aspirations. The core of Learning Beyond the Classroom is a 15-hour or more experience that connects theory to practice in an experience of your choosing. The experience must relate to courses you have taken or are currently taking.

LBC experience may include work on the engineering Senior Design Project, research experiences, internships, mentoring, or leadership.

Open Your World Through Civic Engagement

Our complex society offers many opportunities for you to become actively engaged in the issues you care passionately about. The Center for Civic Engagement helps you channel your passions through direct service, education, and reflection, laying the foundation for advocacy that can last a lifetime.

The Center

Take an Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break is a week-long immersion experience spent living and serving in communities across the country. From mentoring children to helping rescued animals, feeding the homeless to environmental stewardship, our students have docked thousands of miles taking the Western New England University service ethic on the road.

Alternative Breaks

Get Started

  • The LBC Application Process

    Plan early. You must apply and have your application approved before you can begin your LBC experience, a requirement for graduation.

  • LBC Experiences

    Qualifying LBC experiences are very broad, enabling you to select the learning, mentoring, or service experience that you feel offers the greatest opportunity for reflection and growth.

  • The LBC Reflection Paper

    After you have completed the LBC Experience, you must write a one thousand word (minimumReflection Paper.

  • LBC Grant Application

    The Office of Learning Beyond the Classroom has limited grant funding available for faculty, staff, or students with creative ideas for providing valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom setting.