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Managing their Brand

Studying public relations in the MA in Communication program offers our students expertise in managing communication crises and public image, building a brand, and creating a engaging message. These skills are not only applicable to the PR field, but in virtually any industry that relies on consumers and public trust, making our graduates both adaptable and creative.

Bethany Schivley ’08/G’14

BS in Marketing Communications/Advertising
MA in Communication
Marketing Communications, Scapa Healthcare
Windsor, CT

After graduating from Western New England University in 2008 with a degree in Marketing Communication/Advertising, Bethany Schivley ’08/G’14 started pursuing an MBA. However, after gaining professional work experience, she realized she was passionate about the communication field, and saw herself working in more corporate communication-type roles. She then entered into the MA in Communication with a Concentration in Public Relations program in order to fulfill her career goals and gain new skills and strategies to enhance her expertise.

“I loved the program,” she said. “It was extremely informative, and the flexibility to take the entire program online made working full time and going to graduate school feasible. I was able to use a lot of my work experiences as examples and analyze some situations to determine if we followed best practices. Ultimately, the program challenged the way I was working and helped give invaluable insight on ways to improve my communication tactics at work.”