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MS in Sport Leadership and Coaching Curriculum

Degree Requirements – 30 credits

Summer Residency 1

SPMN 631   Sport Leadership and Maximizing Team Performance (3 cr.)

SPMN  635  Resource Development for Sport and Athletic Organizations (3 cr.)

Sport Sequence

SPMN  632  Sport Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making (3 cr.)

SPMN 633   Compliance and Governance for Sport Organizations (3 cr.)

SPMN  681  Sport Focus Profession Issues Research Project* (3 cr.)

SPMN 682   Coaching/Athletic Administration Mentored Field Experience (3 cr.)

Leadership Foundations – Select 2 courses (6 cr.)

MAN 600    Foundations of Leadership Practice

MAN 605    Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making

MAN 610    Organizational Behavior and Theory         

Summer Residency 2

SPMN  634  Sport Agency, Player Personnel Evaluation and Management (3 cr.)

SPMN  6XX Sport Elective (3 cr.) 

Select from the following: Principles of Athletic Coaching, Sport Communications, International Sport Management, Sport Marketing

*Students will also present their Sport Profession Issues Research Project during Summer Residency 2.

Typical Course Sequence*

Summer Residency 1

Six day residency followed by summer graduate term, July – September (6 cr.)

Fall Graduate Term

September-December (6 cr.)

Winter Graduate Term

January-April (6 cr.)

Spring Graduate Term

April-June (6 cr.)

Summer Residency 2

Six day residency followed by summer graduate term, July-September (6 cr.)

* This is a typical course sequence for a candidate interested in finishing in 15 months.