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Alyssa Holmes

Alyssa Holmes
Admissions Counselor/Group Visit Coordinator
Areas covered: Massachusetts (Cape Cod and Islands, Boston and Cambridge, Quincy and Plymouth Counties, Norfolk and Bristol Counties) New York (Westchester County), Nevada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands


Favorite thing about Western New England University

My favorite thing about Western New England is the wide variety of majors we offer. I think it’s so cool that I could be talking to a student talking about their Pharmacy rotations right after talking to a different student about their Social Work internship, and I love that Engineers can work with Business students to produce and market real products. It’s a really unique atmosphere to have so many different types of students working together.

Best part about Springfield, MA

I’ve gone to The Big E since I was a kid, so I’d definitely have to say it’s my favorite part of Springfield! Picture your local county fair and multiply it by seven, and you’ve got The Big E. Also, if you can deep fry something, it’s sold there!

3 personal favorite things

  1. Dogs
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Chipotle

1 fun fact

A fun fact about me is that bowling was the first team sport I ever participated in, and I have several bowling trophies collecting dust in my basement.