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Welcome to the Western New England University community! We are pleased that you have decided to continue your education here, and we are certain that it will exceed your expectations. Information regarding your Connect2U account and several important items are listed below. You are encouraged to address each of these as early as possible after the dates indicated.

For additional information about Transitions 2019, please refer to our Program Schedule and Commonly Asked Questions.  


Your personal Connect2U web portal will make Western New England University's web-based services and information readily available. It is a single point of access for commonly used web applications such as our Kodiak Virtual Classroom, the Administrative Systems Access Point (where you will access your grades), and Webmail. If you will be living on campus, it will be your point of access for the Housing Management Application (HMA), and the Work Order System to submit maintenance requests for your room. Our on-line placement testing also occurs through this portal.

Other features include customizable news feeds, upcoming events calendars, a personal appointment calendar, food services menus, a seven-day weather forecast, and a messaging module called “Ask Mandi” through which you can get your questions about your first year at Western New England University answered quickly. The portal front page is completely customizable, and you can have access to these web-based services from anywhere!

In order to activate your account, you have to first change your password. To do this, go to www1.wne.edu/information-technology/user-id/change-password.cfm. Your username is the first part of your email address (before the @wne.edu). Your initial password is usually the digit 9, followed by the two digit month and two digit day of your birth, followed by the last 4 numbers of your SSN. For example, if your birth date was 7/24/1956 and your social security number was 106-46-9472 then your default password would be: 907249472

International students will be issued a temporary Social Security number by the Admissions Office. Confirmation of the number will be sent via email within three days of receiving your deposit. Before you can change your password, you will be asked to read and agree to the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Technical Resources. Clicking on "I Agree" will bring you to the Change Password page. Decide on a password that is easy to remember. A word that appears in the dictionary is too simple and will be rejected. Passwords that contain both letters and numbers, or special characters work best. Some examples are do11ar$, @vi@tor, or pa$$w0rd. Note your username and new password in a secure place. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password every seven weeks.

After you have changed your password, you can access Connect2U.  When you open Connect2U for the first time, you should review the Help section. Links for Help are located at the top and bottom of the Connect2U page. If you experience problems with your Connect2U account, call our Help Desk at 413-796-2200. Summer hours for the Help Desk are 8am - 7pm; normal hours are 8am - 8pm.

Financial Aid and Billing Information

One of the options that you can select to have displayed on your Connect2U page is ASAP (Administrative System Access Point). ASAP is your gateway to displaying several functions, and it requires you to log on with the same username and password as your email account. Among the items that you can see through ASAP are information on financial aid and your bill. The receipt of financial aid documents, your award letter production date, award amounts, and other information are listed on an on-going basis. 

Health Services

Information regarding the healthcare services that will be offered when you start college is available at www1.wne.edu/health-services. All new students must submit health forms which include your immunization record as well as a physical exam. Athletes (intercollegiate not intramural) should note the additional forms required to compete at the college level. Select the "Forms" option for the forms, and the "Insurance" link for information on student insurance and a waiver form. We encourage you to share this information with your parents and to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

First Year Foundation

There is something special about the first year at Western New England University. We recognize that there are multiple challenges that await each first-year student (freshman and transfer students), and we believe that with proper planning and support, anything is possible. We value the unique talents of the individual student and strive to exceed expectations.

The Transitions Program will begin on Sunday, January 14 with Residence halls opening at 1:00 p.m. Monday, January 15 will serve as a traditional orientation program beginning at 8:30 a.m. Aside from registering for classes, having a student ID prepared, attending meetings on academic resources, and providing time to take care of a variety of personal arrangements, the focus of orientation is on providing information essential to a smooth academic transition and social integration. For more information, please review our Commonly Asked Questions

January 2018 Orientation

Placement Testing

Prior to course registration, every student (freshman and transfer students) must complete assessments in Math and English. Assessment results are used to help select courses in which the student is most likely to be successful and find appropriately challenging. Students can access and complete assessments on-line through the Western New England Student Portal, Connect2U. Assessment instructions and detailed access instructions are emailed to each student beginning in December. In no way will the results impact your admission status.


Housing and Roommate Selection through HMA

Students who have paid their tuition and housing deposits have the benefit of an on-line system to find a compatible roommate and choose a room in one of the residence halls. This system, known as the Housing Management Application (HMA), puts you in the "driver's seat" for an important part of your college experience through a multi-step process designed with your needs in mind. HMA allows you to:

  • Search for students who might be compatible roommates through information sharing by completion of a lifestyle/personal preference questionnaire.
  • Communicate with potential roommates using an integrated messaging system.
  • Set up a "watch list" to monitor availability of rooms in the different halls and roommate possibilities.
  • Invite someone to be a roommate(s) in a double occupancy or a limited number of three person rooms.
  • Confirm a room with your roommate(s), or reserve a bed in a room without a specific roommate preference.

In the middle of May, housing information will be available on your Connect2U webpage. You should click on the My Housing link to access HMA. The program is user friendly and there is a tutorial on the HMA homepage, as well as a "hints" section on each page to get the most benefit from each function in the program. To confirm campus residency, you must complete the entire on-line process. Visit Residence Life for additional information.

Residence Life

Buying a Computer

If you are thinking about buying a computer to bring to college, you may be wondering what to purchase. Our Office of Information Technology (OIT) has posted some points to consider. Check the OIT Handbook for more information.

OIT Handbook