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Refer a Golden Bear

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Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are the greatest ambassadors of the WNE spirit—that special sense of Golden Bear pride and community. We invite the WNE community to play an active role in recruiting new prospective students and widening our reach for a bright future.

Refer a Golden Bear—A How-To Guide

Why WNE?

There are plenty of reasons to choose WNE—and as one of our valued alumni, you can probably think of a few! But if you need a little help getting the conversation started with a prospective student and their family, here are some important pieces of information that will be sure to get their attention. Of course, your personal experiences tell the best story, and we hope you will share those too!

As a New Traditional University, Western New England is celebrating its second century by providing Powerful Preparation for the Future of Work—and our students graduate both work-ready and world-ready!

WNE is one of only two National Universities in the nation with fewer than 3,000 undergraduate students that has an ABA-accredited Law School and Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering, and Pharmacy & Health Sciences.

Intentionally small, intensely personal—this tight-knit campus is full of Golden Bear spirit, and the first time you step foot on campus, we know you’ll feel it too.

Need more reasons to share? Help your referred student(s) find out more about what life is like as a Golden Bear.

Who Should I Refer?

It’s never too early (or too late!) to refer a Golden Bear, but ideally, students should be in their sophomore or junior year of high school. Our students come from many different backgrounds and have their own unique interests—there isn’t just one type of student that will thrive at WNE.

We are looking for future Golden Bears with proven success in academics, engagement, and leadership that will enrich our tight-knit and community-oriented campus. WNE seeks students that hope to be part of the action on campus, explore academic interests, and leave the world better than they found it, and invites them to bring their ideas, spirit, and talents to our community.

What Should I Say?

The best way to talk about WNE is by sharing your own experiences! Why do you love WNE? Where is your favorite spot to hang out on campus? Who are your favorite professors? Being part of Golden Bear Nation is special because our stories define who we are and what we do!

A few other suggestions:

How Do I Make a Referral?

Referring a Golden Bear is as easy as filling out our referral form. We will need some basic information, such as the student’s name and contact information, but the more you can tell us about your referral, the better!

Once you submit the referral form, a member of the admissions team will follow up with the referred student and make a connection.


Referrals from students, faculty, staff, and alumni make a big difference. Once a prospective student is referred, one in four of them decided to apply to WNE.

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