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ROTC Program

Get more out of college than just preparation for a career. Learn leadership skills you can use on the job, in your community, and serving your country. Graduate with an opportunity for a career and a lifestyle of service and honor. Join the Minuteman Battalion as a cadet in the Western New England University ROTC program.

ROTC Benefits

  • Full two-, three-, and four year scholarships for qualified students which include:
    • Tuition and Fees
    • Room (by Western New England University grant)
    • Board for 4-year scholarship recipients (by Western New England University grant)
    • Monthly stipend and book allotment
  •  Credits for School—ROTC courses count toward college credit. Earn up to 18 credits at Western New England University during your four years in the program.
  •  Opportunity for a Career—Graduates can serve on Active Duty, in the National Guard, or in the Reserves.
For more information about ROTC at Western New England University, contact Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer Travis Wright at traviswright@umass.edu or 413-782-1332.