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The Alumni-in-Admissions program at Western New England University bridges the past to the future by providing alumni and prospective students with the opportunity to strengthen and build relationships with the University.

If you wish to volunteer or would like more information about the program, contact Hillary Mosher, senior assistant director of admissions, at hillary.mosher@wne.edu or 413-782-1790.

A member of the University's Class of 2012 met Alumni-in-Admissions volunteer Jacob Morin '00 at his New Jersey high school's college fair. Here is what he had to say about their talk:

"After listening to his experiences, I decided to visit Western New England, and this was the school I picked! If it wasn't for Jake, I would never have known about the University. Thank you!"

Become a Volunteer Today!

The Alumni-in-Admissions program continues the University’s mission to expand recruitment efforts of students from across the country. The Admissions Office welcomes volunteers from any part of the country for this program but specifically seeks alumni for college fairs in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

To learn more or get involved, contact Alumni-in-Admissions program coordinator Hillary Mosher at hillary.mosher@wne.edu or 413-782-1790.

Representing WNE to the Next Generation

The Alumni-in-Admissions program began in 1987 to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with local college fairs. Since then, the Alumni-in-Admissions program has played a significant role in recruiting students and ensuring the future of Western New England University. As a volunteer, you will personally identify with prospective students and act as a liaison between students and the University.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives hundreds of invitations for local high school/college fairs every year throughout the United States. However, it is not possible for the Western New England University staff to attend every event. In a continuing effort to reach as many prospective students as possible, we seek alumni who can represent the University at these local fairs. This is an exciting way for you stay connected to your alma mater, while meeting prospective students who appreciate hearing about your college experience.

Volunteer Expectations

When the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives an invitation for a college fair where it is not possible to send staff, we seek assistance through our alumni volunteers. Your level of commitment depends on how many events you would like to volunteer for. In the past, some alumni have attended between one and four college fairs in a year. Volunteers have covered events for the University on an individual basis, with another alumni volunteer, or with a Western New England University staff member.

Please keep in mind that the Admissions Office tries its best to find an event for all volunteers, but in some situations it may not be possible. All college fairs are held on a weekday evening and will last no more than two hours.Once an invitation has been received, a member of the Admissions staff will contact you, either by email or phone, to see if you can cover the event. All of the invitations have deadlines, so we will be contacting you in advance and a timely response is appreciated.

Once you agree to attend an event for the University, we will send out an initial letter to you. Two to three weeks in advance of the event, we will send you a confirmation letter along with the invitation to the event and directions. Within two weeks of the event, we will send out a box of materials that you will use to display at the college fair along with a resource/training manual and DVD. These are two very important materials for you to view, as they will provide you with new information about the University, and details on what to expect at a college fair. A prepaid priority envelope will be supplied for you so you can mail back the necessary materials, as well as the evaluation, after the fair.

Thank You for Your Service

Andrea Roehre '02

Renata Ball '02
Eric Douyard '07
Amanda Foster '02
Karen Janelle '05
Beth Ramirez '02
Debra Schuss '77
Jason Thull '13

Mark DeBonee '07
Amy Jakubielski '06
Frank Gesino '95
Lori Nadeau G'00
Susan Neil '80
Mary Principe '81
Marisa Forti '07
Brandy Ames '05

David Beard '88
Collin Gravois '12

Laura Jensen '03

Jay Adams '86

Laura Juncker '03

Elizabeth Curran '08
Laura Franze '07
Michael Garvey '86
Daniel Hess '07
Teresa Knox '06
Daniel McLaughlin '96
Randy Milou '03
Christopher McMahon '01
Marc Murphy '08
Christine Pollender '99
Kathleen Simone '99
Laura Boule '01/G'02
Stephanie Sule '95/G'04
Maria Francese '14
Krystal (Dunn) Kolesnik '06
Chelsea Miemiec '15

New Hampshire:
Michelle O’Malley '91
Stephanie Shepard '08

New Jersey:
Stephanie Diaz '03
Michael DiGiaimo '04
Carol Laird '79
Jennifer Marshall '03
Krista Moody '02
Jacob Morin '00
Nicole Pizzuti '00
Jen Reubish '03
Chelsea Vander Groef '05
Daniel Boskey '76

New York:
Alexa Bergstrom '00
Julie Bisnett '00
Kristin Brown '05
David Coppolo '86
Joanna Dewey '05
Jennifer Dolan '06
Jen Eaton '99
Tom Emberley '01
David Freedman '06
Michael Gianchetta '87
Beth Hanigan '02
Jim Henry '86
Abby Hout '06
Kerri Ingwersen '02
Deirdre Merlino '01
Kate Morin '06
Krista Nevil '05
Geoff Seber '00
Diana Sigona '08
Elizabeth Smith '07
Jacqueline Smith '06
Robert Stadelman '01
Elizabeth Goldschein '12
Jennifer Unterberger '10

North Carolina:
Jeffrey Tate'07

Michael Bonsiewicz '65

Alan King '04
Meredith Odel '04
Mark Perry '89

Rhode Island:
Andrea Lee '05
Kristin Pimental '05

Ali Martin-Scoufield '03
Jason Scoufield '04
Mary Anne Wihbey '81

Erin Whitcomb '06

Nicholas Wiltey '13

Marie Major '04

Washington, DC:
Katie McAteer '06
Jessica Vogel Mueller '07

West Virginia:
Ryan Turner '08