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Erin Butts


Royal Skookum

Actuarial Science

Erin Butts is a member of one of the first classes to complete the requirements for an Actuarial Science major and has pioneered her way through the program. Becoming the first female student at Western New England University to pass three actuarial exams, Erin is motivated to lead by example. She is able to broaden her network through the programs and events of the Actuarial Science Club, which she cofounded and is now president.

Jumping at every opportunity to learn more about her future career, Erin moved from her hometown of Brookfield, MA, to Atlanta, GA the summer after her sophomore year to intern for the a health insurance company Aetna, where she learned the ins and outs of real-world actuarial work. She utilized this knowledge in her internship this past summer as part of the Specialty Actuarial department with Hanover Insurance Group in Worcester, MA. Erin spent her time analyzing loss development trends for the Hanover’s program business. She also developed a tool that takes individual program data and compares it to a baseline to determine how to price the program’s renewal.

On the Western New England University campus, Erin is a Head Resident Advisor for first-year students, where her experiences have enhanced her communication skills, professionalism, and flexibility in stressful situations. In her Resident Advisor role, Erin has learned what it means to educate a community of diverse residents, establish rapport among students, and create a safe living environment for everyone. Coupled with her work as an Executive Board member of the Gray House, a nonprofit human service organization in Springfield, Erin understands the importance of community involvement, community outreach, and collaboration towards collective goals.

Remembering to take time in the week for fun activities, Erin also plays the alto saxophone in the Golden Bear Bands in addition to participating as one of the student conductors for the Pep Band. She also enjoys skydiving, baking, and hiking.

In the future, Erin hopes to become fully credentialed as an actuary through the Casualty Actuarial Society, and travel as much as possible.