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Michael Ciofalo



History major and Political Science minor Michael Ciofalo believes that every day is a new challenge. He grew up in Croton-on-Hudson in New York, and aspires to be a police officer. Largely on his way to accomplishing that goal, Michael spent most of his junior year balancing schoolwork and extracurricular activities while also training at the Western Massachusetts Chief of Police Reserve Academy. As a full-time student during the Academy process, Michael enhanced his time management skills to not only excel in the academy, but still maintain a presence on campus. He completed 375 hours of training, which allows him to work-part time in the Commonwealth. Michael says that not only did he learn how to enforce the law and serve a community though police work, but also found a new perspective of what it means to persevere through adversity.

Michael’s dedication to service can be readily seen in his commitments on campus where he has focused on making the University community the best it can be. Serving as the Class of 2019’s President for two terms, he has had a direct impact on class engagement and participation. He has participated in Student Senate as a Senator at Large, and was named Vice President this year, which gives Michael more leverage to make an impact. Using his knowledge of safety measures from the Police Reserve Academy, Michael was last year’s Security Cochair for Spring Event, tasked with creating the event’s security plans and ensuring a safe and fun concert for all.

Of all of his activities, being a Resident Advisor has impacted Michael’s leadership skills the most. He is in his third year in Residence Life and was named Head RA for his senior year. Between residents with different needs and unexpected situations that arise, being an RA has taught him how to adapt quickly and create a strong community. His interpersonal skills allow Michael to bond with his residents and connect with them on a personal level, as well as give sound advice and manage conflict calmly.

While he is committed to his studies, extracurricular commitments and future in law enforcement Michael does have a lighter side. He is an avid hockey fan, self-proclaimed “car guy,” and uses his tattoos as a way to express himself.

Michael has already taken the exam for the NYPD and plans to pursue a career in law enforcement immediately upon graduation.