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David Dragon '78 Brings Business Success To The Pages Of His Newly Published Book

By Emily McGuinness '20 SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 - 12:00 PM WNE100

“If you can combine learning with having an inquisitive mind,” remarked David Dragon ’78, “you will be very successful in your chosen career.” That’s just was he has done throughout his time as a business professional.

David Dragon is currently an operational and technology consultant for his own successful consulting company, Dragon Management Consulting, located in Tampa, Florida. His company offers services in various categories such as advisory, implementation, and education and training in order to provide businesses with improved operation effectiveness, productivity, and income.

Dragon and his consultants have more than 20 years of experience in consulting and industry, and provide several services in analytics, operations, performance management, planning and supply chain.

Dragon did not begin his professional career at his own firm, however. He was hired into an accounting training program at Westvaco for his first job after graduation. There, he worked in the US Envelope Division at the Springfield location on Roosevelt Avenue.

In addition to being the president of his own company, Dragon is also an author and speaker. He recently published his book I Solve Mysteries: The Art and Science of Business Process Optimization and Transformation. Dragon considers this book to be the most significant accomplishment of his professional career, and acknowledged the fact that Western New England gave him some of the most valuable tools to make this achievement possible.

“The University instilled in me the discipline of learning,” he explained. “My publisher uses this analogy: 90% of people talk about writing a book, 2% actually start a book, and less than 1% actually publish a book.”

After considering several public and private institutions throughout his search process, Dragon knew about the well-known, prestigious reputation of Western New England. After visiting campus and becoming acquainted with people, he decided it was the best possible fit, and he gained much from his education.

Dragon majored in accounting and was a commuter at the university. “I commuted to school and also worked, so I was not able to attend many activities or participate in groups while I attended WNE,” he said.

Despite this, Dragon was still able to build strong, fruitful connections to his peers and faculty that would make up for those lost experiences around campus. He still vividly recalls the economics class he took with Professor Michael Meeropol. “The class totally changed the way I thought when analyzing an issue or solving a problem,” he stated. “What I learned in that class has stayed with me my entire career.” Dragon has maintained his close relationship with Dr. Meeropol, and he is now an endorser of Dragon’s book.

Although Dragon now resides in Florida, he feels grateful to be able to keep in touch with the University, and to be a part of this special project. He would like to become even more involved as an alumnus in the future.

Not only did Dragon develop a strong professional life after graduation, he also focused on his personal, family life. “Raising a strong daughter and being a good husband with all the travel I have done in my career,” said Dave, “is my most significant personal accomplishment.”

Western New England strives to create meaningful relationships among students, faculty, staff, and alumni that will last a lifetime. Dragon’s professional career and accomplishments demonstrate that the school will help you develop the tools you need to be your most successful self, even later in life.