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Devin Kindred '18 Attributes Great Success to Support Provided at Western New England

By Emily McGuinness '20 TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 2019 - 1:00 PM WNE100

“A goal of mine that has come from Western New England is the want to be a life-long learner, and never stop networking and building connections in my field” said graduate Devin Kindred, class of 2018.

Kindred has managed to do all three of these things throughout his undergraduate and post-graduate time. Like so many other Western New England students, Devin chose this university because he felt that the small community would give him a more personalized college experience. As a major in Management and Leadership with a minor in Human Resources and Psychology, Kindred did not fall short academically and graduated into a world with endless professional opportunities.

“I selected business as my field of study because I was honestly unsure of what career path I wanted, but I knew it was a field that would allow me to have options to explore. This major allowed me to focus on supporting employees and people no matter where I went after college” said Kindred.

Throughout his undergraduate time working to narrow his career options, Kindred was involved heavily in various roles. As a part of the Residence Hall Association all four years, Kindred had the pleasure to take part in the annual RHA Bed Race event during Family and Friends Weekend and still remains an event that Kindred can’t seem to forget. “It was an amazing experience to be able to participate in and organize as well. It was an event that brought together all of the residence halls in creating and racing wooden beds. It was so much fun and such a creative competition to take part in” Kindred said. He was also a member on Student Senate and worked for the College of Business while being a full-time student.

The leadership roles keep going, though. Kindred was also a Resident Assistant for three of his undergraduate years and finds himself utilizing the leadership skills he gained through this position in his professional life today. This position was also what made Kindred realize his passion for student affairs and for supporting students of all identities and backgrounds.

Devin is currently a full-time Residence Director at Stonehill College while he works on getting his Master’s Degree online through Endicott College in Higher Education Leadership. Kindred oversees a first-year and sophomore residential area on campus at Stonehill and supports his paraprofessional staff of ten Resident Assistants through their programming and mentorship efforts. Kindred has a wide range of responsibilities in this role as he handles student conduct and well-being, but it’s nothing he didn’t feel prepared for after Western New England.

“I was able to learn skills from my leadership experiences at Western New England that I would not have learned from solely sitting in a classroom. This is exactly what I saw myself doing after graduation” Kindred said.
This professional opportunity has unlocked many doors for Kindred. He was able to attend the Institute on Curricular Approach this past semester, which is a conference that Stonehill offered him through the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), which Devin is a member of. He was able to learn about curriculum used outside of the classroom and in student affairs. 

The professional development opportunities Kindred has been given in his field have been impactful and impressive. He also has involvement with the Boston Area College Housing Association, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. “I am a member of these organizations because of the development and networking opportunities that they come with. I never want to stop learning or networking” said Kindred.

As Kindred works through getting his Master’s and balancing a full-time job, he feels thankful for his past as an undergrad and reflects on all of the support he was given at Western New England, specifically from the College of Business. “The opportunities this college provided me with and the support systems I had really guided me through my journey. The College of Business Dean’s Office staff of Kara Kapinos, Heather Opielowski, and Ginger Coffey worked closely with me and I found lasting connections with them. They were the support I needed as a first-year student and I would not have become a student leader, or even graduated without their continuous support and belief in me” Kindred said.

The future remains unknown for Kindred at the moment as he is only in his second academic year as a new student affairs professional and educator. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Devin hopes to stay in student affairs and sees himself possibly becoming a Dean of Students in the far future. “It will be a journey, but I am excited to see where it takes me” Kindred says optimistically. Because of every ounce of support and student leadership Kindred had as an undergraduate student at Western New England, his future is not something that frightens him. Instead, he feels as though he is exactly where he is supposed to be. The path Kindred remains on, will certainly not be disappointing for this impressive, dedicated and focused young professional.