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Guy Asadorian '86 Says Foundations for Success Found at Western New England

By Kenneth Stratton '19 FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019 - 12:00 PM WNE100

“When I was a senior in high school, the only two things I knew about what I wanted in a college was that I wanted to study business and that I wanted to play football and baseball,” said Guy Asadorian ’86.

Asadorian is the Private Client Advisor, Senior Vice President of Bank of America Private Bank. Besides the time he spent on the field, business has been the focus of his life’s work since studying at Western New England.

“I was a Finance Major with an Economics minor,” Asadorian explained. “I very much enjoyed the program and felt like the school provided me with an education that prepared me for the real world,” he said.

Before heading out into the real world, Asadorian made sure to also enjoy his college experience. Recruited to play football, he spent two years with the team, while at the same time fostering his love of baseball. He would spend four years on the diamond, and still follows the team religiously.

Out of college, Asadorian’s first job was as a stockbroker with the regional firm, Janney Montgomery Scott. But in 1988 he would join Smith Barney and spend the next 13 years with the storied stock brokerage firm. His job, as he explained it, was to manage the investment portfolios of his clients. In 1998, he would become Vice President, before leaving in 2001 to start his own firm, Tameracq Partners.

“After 13 years at Smith Barney I got some sort of an entrepreneurial itch that I felt the need to scratch,” Asadorian said. “I had a partner that had some prior mergers and acquisitions experience (M&A), I had none, but I told him that I had the ability to go out and bring in business. So, we decided to give it a shot,” he explained. The firm focused on the sale of lower middle market business, with anywhere between $2-$50 million in revenue.

“When a business owner wanted to sell his company, he’d hire us and we’d value the business and run a process to go out and find buyers for the business and we’d advise the owner all the way [through] the process,” Asadorian said.

In 2013, Asadorian sold his shares in Tameracq to his partner, and made the move to BNY Mellon Wealth Management after an attractive offer to work for them.

“My role at BNY was new business development and I was tasked to find new clients who needed the Wealth Management services of BNY,” Asadorian said. “Because of my background in M&A, I became the in-house M&A expert and worked almost exclusively with business owners who were in the process of selling their businesses,” he said. It was this M&A experience, which he learned on-the-job with Tameracq, that made Asadorian right for the job, and trusted to bring in clients.

Asadorian would make another move in 2018 after BNY closed many of their small market offices such as the Providence, RI one he worked in. Asadorian accepted a position with US Trust Co., now rebranded as Bank of America Private Bank, the Wealth Management division of Bank of America (BoA).

“It wasn’t a huge deal to make the move as it was a similar role,” Asadorian said. “But BoA is a bigger company than [BNY] Mellon and has a lot more services and resources which has been a pleasant surprise in helping to find new clients for the Bank,” he added.

Asadorian has spent the last year with Bank of America Private Bank, and enjoys his current balance between work and life. He’s hoping that this role will take him to retirement in the not so distant future.

“I think WNE had a huge impact on my professional life,” Asadorian said. “The academics are a big part of it, but the overall college experience - and in my case, including athletics - are all a part of the foundation you build that helps you to be successful in the real world,” he said.

The business student turned business leader concluded, saying, “The WNE community definitely was a big influence on me and my development.”