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Improv, Yoga, Comcast: Rebecca Giudici '06 Loves What She Does

By Kenneth Stratton '19 SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2019 - 12:00 PM WNE100

She’s the first to tell you it sounds cliché, but Rebecca Giudici ’06 believes that if love is at the center of what you do, then everything will work out for the best.

Giudici, a graduate of the Communication Department at Western New England University, has been employed at Deep Blue Communications since 2011. The path from the classroom to the office was one full of highs and lows, but she’s thankful for everything she’s learned on the job.

“I’ve been able to take away the value of caring for the people you work with and for your customers,” Giudici said of her time at Deep Blue. “I’ve learned how to navigate in my role by honoring my strengths and being humble, compassionate, and resourceful with areas that I don’t excel. I’ve learned how to stand strong in the midst of difficult conversations and honor everyone’s feelings, beliefs, and fears,” she added.

But before Giudici was a communication professional, she was a communication student still working on stepping out of her comfort zone. She would come to find her place on campus by getting involved.

“It is SUPER important to take up campus involvement. It gives a sense of community, a way to make friends, to feel that you are part of bettering the student body. It’s important to know that YOU are important and getting involved on campus is a sure bet to know how valuable you really are with the impact you are making,” Giudici said. In her time on campus, she was involved with Campus Activities Board (CAB), the Communication Honor Society and worked for the giving campaign in the Alumni Office. “This job helped shape my current sales career!” Giudici said with enthusiasm of her role on the campaign.

But Giudici left a legacy behind, when she and fellow student Jeffrey Stanwood ’06, with the support of faculty member Hillary Bucs, founded Improv on the Rocks. As Giudici explains it, they founded the group with the hope of breaking down barriers, and allowing creative minds to play in a space free of the labels, criticism and society’s limited beliefs systems. The improv group still exists on campus today.

“Hillary created a space where we, as beginning improvisers, could feel totally accepted, at ease, with no judgement to be our most authentic selves,” Giudici said. “This time in my life was extremely formative,” the Golden Bear added.

After graduation, Giudici held a few different jobs in the first few years after graduation that were cut due to the pressure companies were facing in the midst of the 2008 Recession. But during this time, while she was working as a bartender, Giudici found stability in improv.

Keeping her spirits high, Giudici first worked with improv group Mop & Bucket. Later she’d land the role of Madeline Monroe in “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding.” She’d take on a more active leadership role when she joined TheyImprov, and began to teach “Improv Your Basic Improv Skills” at Saratoga Continuing Education.

“I learned how to create the space, as Hillary Bucs did, of comfort and support for beginners,” Giudici said reflecting back on her time teaching. But in addition to improv, she’s also found yoga to be an integral part of maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.

“I was beginning to ground my energy and find my souls truth in the midst of all the craziness,” Giudici said of her early days in yoga. Today, she’s Yoga Certified, Meditation Certified, and Certified as a Law of Attraction/Inner Alignment Mentor.

Eight years into her role with Deep Blue, Giudici is thankful for the opportunity she’s had to watch the company grow, and grow right along with it.

“[I] have watched it go from a 3M company to a 30M company AND then be acquired by comcast to be a part of their Comcast Business Company - a 9B company,” Giudici said with enthusiasm. She started in sales, working on hospitality accounts such as Super 8’s. Told by her bosses she could look beyond hospitality, she landed accounts like Planet Fitness, Saratoga Race Course and Cedar Fair Amusement Parks.

Taking on new accounts like these, the company created a new department for Giudici and colleagues called REV (Retail, Enterprise and Venue). And as of right now, her title is “National Account Executive” for Comcast.

“I’ve learned that if love is truly at the center of all you do, things just work out,” Giudici said, after she’d spent some time reflecting on her journey from student, to troupe member, to executive for Comcast and everything in between.

“I will stay grateful for the present moment, always knowing that whether I’m in hard times or good times that I’m exactly where I need to be,” she concluded.