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Scott Hubener Proves Business Success Through Four Company Promotions

By Emily McGuinness '20 SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019 - 12:00 PM WNE100

“I am so appreciative of Western New England and the open-mindedness that it gave me,” remarked Scott Hubener ’16. “I’m in a position today that I never would have sought out myself before graduation.”

Scott is currently an Enterprise Account Executive at Rapid7, a computer and network security company based in Boston, MA. He has been with the company since his graduation from Western New England. Scott obtained a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. He has impressively climbed the business’ professional ladder from his entry-level Business Representative position, to a Sales Development Representative, to an Account Executive, until finally being promoted to his current title, in a very short period of time. It’s no secret that his strong work ethic is being recognized by the company.

“It’s a really exciting place to work because there is so much room for growth and success at this company. It really is a great place for recent graduates to start. Just in the past three and a half years, I’ve been promoted four times” said Scott.

Scott has always found himself being interested in working with people and learning how to understand them. In his position at Rapid7, he works with popular, large organizations on their cyber security structures in order to maintain and implement data protection for customers. His work relies on him connecting with people and companies in order to find definitive solutions and reach an understanding of what works best for all parties involved.

Although Scott would not have pictured himself in a business setting during his time as an undergraduate student, he did gain all of the tools and education he needed at Western New England to become the successful young professional he is today.

“My major and minor have helped me so much in my job because I have to be able to understand people and find the best solution for them and their company. I came out of Western New England with solid critical thinking and application skills that I use every day” Scott said.

Scott’s remarkable professionalism is not the only thing he gained through his time at Western New England, though. He also walked away with strong connections and lifelong friends from the baseball team. He played on the team for all four of his years and recalls that WNE was one of the only schools that he researched that could give him baseball and criminal justice.

“I still stay in touch with teammates and coaches from Western New England, they made such a positive impact in my life” said Scott.

There is much to be said about being a student-athlete, but Scott was able to manage his full-time student schedule, on top of having to take extra classes for his minor, and hours each day and night dedicated to his sport practices, workouts and meetings. Time management was certainly a skill gained from his time at Western New England.

Scott was also a member of the Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society as an undergraduate student and held the position of Life Skills Mentor for three years. In that position, Scott worked with freshman student-athletes to see them through their intense first stage of the college transition process. He was able to connect with students like himself and work with them to help balance their many responsibilities.

During his senior year, Scott held an internship position with the Hampden County Probate Court that really shaped his view of what he did, and did not, want to do in his professional career. He was connected through his advisor to this opportunity where he sat in court and documented cases, helped with clerical work, set court dates for people, and got to witness a little bit of everything that went on there. In a way, this internship let Scott know what he was interested in – working with others.

“I’m thinking about going back to school for a master’s degree at some point, or maybe even law school” Scott remarked.

As Scott decides what his future will continue looking like, he remembers positive times from Western New England and feels very accomplished because of his time spent here. He remains connected with the University and attends Homecoming whenever he can, maintains contact with his advisor on occasion and prior coaches and teammates.

“Western New England clearly made me ready to begin my professional career right away,” said Scott. “I’m so appreciative of all of the experiences I’ve had because of this school.”

It only makes sense that Scott is seeing so much success in his career. Between managing classes, baseball, honor societies, work, and internships, he was on the track to professional accomplishment from the beginning, without truly realizing it until now.