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Academic Advising

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 Advising Information for College of Arts and Sciences Students

  1. English: All students must complete two English composition courses (6 credits) with a grade of C or better in both courses.

  2. Mathematics: All students must complete 6 credits of mathematics with a grade of C or better in at least one course.

  3. Computer Competence: All students must complete 3 credit hours in computer science.

  4. Aesthetic Perspective: All students must take a course in the arts (appreciation, history, or practice). These courses include ART, FILM, MUS, and THTR.

  5. Global Cultures Perspective: All students must complete one course in CUL before graduation.

  6. Ethical Perspective: All students are required to complete 3 credit hours in philosophy (PH), excluding PH 110 and PH 204.

  7. Historical Perspective: All students are required to complete 3 credit hours in history.

  8. Social/Behavioral Science Perspective: Under the Behavioral/Social Science area, students are required to complete 3 credit hours of coursework chosen from among CJ, COMM 205, EC, GEOG, INST, LSOC, POSC, PSY, SO, SW.

  9. Integrated Liberal and Professional Perspective: All students must complete one ILP course. The integrated liberal and professional perspective makes clear the connection between the goals of liberal and professional education.

  10. Natural Science Perspective: All students must take either two science courses with laboratories or a science course with a laboratory followed by a natural science perspective course with no laboratory.

  11. Writing Intensive Courses: Two courses designated as Writing Intensive must be taken, one at the 200 level, and one at the 300 or 400 level. Please see below for options.***

  12. Learning Beyond the Classroom: All students must fulfill two different LBC experiences, one for every two years of full-time study (LBC 2XX, LBC 4XX).

  13. Closed Class Permits: (Permission to Enroll in a Closed Course) See the Instructorr of the course.

  14. Repeating Courses: Any student who has received a grade of less than C in a course may repeat that course.

  15. Independent Study: A student must make arrangements for an independent study prior to registration and complete a form from the Dean's office. The form must be signed by the faculty member who is directing the study, the faculty member’s department chair, the student's advisor, and by the student. The form must be accompanied by a course syllabus to be evaluated. Students with grade point averages of 3.0 or better, overall or in the major, may take up to 6 credits in their junior/senior years.

  16. Internships: A student wanting to take an internship must make arrangements with the Career Development Center prior to registration. An internship application must be completed and signed by the student, the academic advisor, the department chair, and the internship coordinator. A student may take a total of 6 credits in the junior/senior years and must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 overall and in the major, except where an internship is required in the major or with special permission of the Assistant Dean.

  17. ROTC: Students majoring within the College of Arts & Sciences may receive up to 15 credit hours from Military Leadership coursework, which will count as general elective credits.

Writing Intensive Course Requirement (6 cr.)

Two courses designated as Writing Intensive must be taken.  

CHEM 314 with CHEM 324
CJ 210|SO 210
ENGL 206, ENGL 214, ENGL 215, ENGL 223-224, ENGL 231-232,
ENGL 237, ENGL 251-252, ENGL 260, ENGL 270, ENGL 281, ENGL 290,
ENGL 302, ENGL 310, ENGL 312, ENGL 314-316, ENGL 319, ENGL 322, ENGL 324,
ENGL 327-329, ENGL 336, ENGL 338-339, ENGL 341, ENGL 343, ENGL 345,
ENGL 351-355, ENGL 357-358, ENGL 366, ENGL 370, ENGL 371, ENGL 376,
ENGL 386, ENGL 390, ENGL 410-411
FILM 370
FS 240
HIST 204, HIST 208, HIST 302, HIST 312, HIST 373, HIST 374, HIST 490
MATH 451-452
NSCI 247
PH 240, PH 316
POSC 345
PSY 416
SW 419 (for SW majors only),
THTR 230

CHEM 314 with CHEM 324 effective beginning Spring 2015
CJ 210|SO 210 effective beginning Spring 2014
FILM 370 (formerly FILM 212) effective beginning Spring 2018.
THTR 230 effective beginning Fall 2017