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Department of Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work

The Department of Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work recently implemented dramatic enhancements that reflect the changing needs of society and of our students.

The Criminal Justice major provides an excellent foundation for career paths that include law enforcement, corrections, probation, and court administration. This program remains among the most popular offered by the institution at the undergraduate level. Furthermore, it has developed a national reputation for excellence in its field.

The Sociology major has also continued to develop new areas of study and to continue ties to Criminal Justice. We now offer courses that deal with issues of immediate relevance to students, such as Sociology of the Media and Comparative Societies, an upper level course that introduces students to the complex process of understanding and navigating cultures other than our own. We also work closely with the Department of Education. It is very gratifying to see the number of Sociology majors who now go on to careers in teaching and educational administration.

The Social Work major prepares students for a rewarding career helping individuals and society. The major places an emphasis on experiential learning from freshman to senior year, which will allow you the opportunity to observe social work from a variety of settings. You’ll complete three internships during your junior and senior years, totaling over 600 internship hours. In small classes, our experienced faculty provide a high-quality education that will prepare you to succeed in graduate school or your career.

Social Work Resources


Accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education qualifies our graduates to apply for Advanced Standing in MSW programs.

Student Learning Outcomes

Merit Scholarships

Good high school grades and formal test scores can qualify you for our Merit Scholarships of $14,000 to $20,000 per year.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

The social work profession offers loan forgiveness programs.


  • Information on the social work profession.
  • Watch this video from the National Association of Social Work Massachusetts chapter to see where a career in social work may lead you.