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Pearl Abraham

Associate Professor of Creative Writing
MA-MFA, Creative Writing, New York University
Office: Herman 100F
Website: www.pearlabraham.com


Pearl Abraham (2010). American Taliban: A Novel . : Random House.

Pearl Abraham (2005). The Seventh Beggar . New York: Penguin Putnam: Riverhead Books.

(1999). Een Sterke Vrouw: Jewish Heroines in Literature . The Netherlands: .

Pearl Abraham (1998). Giving Up America . : Riverhead Books.

Pearl Abraham (1995). The Romance Reader . : Riverhead Books.

Conference Proceedings

(2018 , March ). Sound Makes Sense: Reading the Lyric Sentence . AWP, 2018 Tampa Bay Conference Center , Florida, Tampa Bay

Pearl Abraham (2007 , April ). The Message of the Trees: Mysticism's Call to Become . Greenberg Lecture at Skidmore College Skidmore College , Saratoga Springs, New York

Pearl Abraham (2003 , December ). Trust the Tale: The Modernity of Nachman of Bratslav . MLA: Yiddish Literature Panel MLA , San Diego, CA

Pearl Abraham (2001 , May ). Reb Walt Whitman: Finding America in Hasidism . Religion in America University of Utrecht , Middleburg, Netherlands

Shorter Writings