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PhD in Behavior Analysis Data on Program Graduates

As of August 2017, thirty of the program’s 37 program graduates serve as faculty in colleges and universities in the U.S. and teach courses in behavior analysis, primarily at the graduate level. Fifteen of the program’s 37 graduates are in tenure track positions in colleges and universities in the U.S. Twenty-one others hold leadership positions in specialized schools, clinics, and private organizations providing behavior analytic services. The following table shows the names of the program graduates and their faculty advisors.

Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Behavior Analysis at Western New England University:

Student Faculty Advisor
Richard B. Graff Amanda M. Karsten
Allen J. Karsina Rachel H. Thompson
Magda M. Stropnik Gregory P. Hanley
Lauren Beaulieu Gregory P. Hanley
Maureen A. Kelly Eileen M. Roscoe
Kevin C. Luczynski Gregory P. Hanley
Nicole M. Rodriguez Rachel H. Thompson
Stacie L. Bancroft Rachel H. Thompson
Paula Braga-Kenyon William V. Dube
Erin S. Leif Eileen M. Roscoe
Jacqueline N. Potter Eileen M. Roscoe
C. Sandy Jin Gregory P. Hanley
Cammarie Johnson William V. Dube
April N. Kisamore Amanda M. Karsten
Diana E. Parry-Cruwys Amanda M. Karsten
Meghan E. Robinson Gregory P. Hanley
Corey S. Stocco Rachel H. Thompson
Nicholas Vanselow Gregory P. Hanley
Meghan E. Robinson Gregory P. Hanley
Jacqueline MacDonald William H. Ahearn
Catia Cividini-Motta William H. Ahearn
Kerry Ann Conde Amanda M. Karsten
Maeve G. Donnelly Amanda M. Karsten
Joshua Jessel Gregory P. Hanley
Keira M. Moore William H. Ahearn
Jessica L. Seaver Jason C. Bourret
Mahshid Ghaemmaghami Gregory P. Hanley
Kathryn Glodowski Rachel H. Thompson
Kelly Lynn McConnell Jessica L. Sassi
Lindsay Carol Peters Rachel H. Thompson
Jonathan Seaver Jason C. Bourret
Jessica Dawn Slaton Gregory P. Hanley
Laura A. Hanratty Gregory P. Hanley
Charlotte Mann Amanda M. Karsten
Amanda Verriden Eileen M. Roscoe
Berglind Sveinbjörnsdóttir Chata A. Dickson
Candice L. Colón-Kwedor William H. Ahearn