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Research & Conferences

Department of Psychology Student Research
Our students work closely with faculty and graduate fellows to design, execute, and present research in a variety of areas. 

Sample Student Projects

  • Teaching interview skills to college students.
  • Teaching tacting of private events based on public accompaniments: audience control.
  • The analysis and treatment of problem behavior related to transitions.
  • Evaluating efficacy and preference of parameters of positive reinforcement.
  • An efficient and complete functional assessment and treatment process.
  • Improving on-task behavior using a tactile prompt for college students with AD/HD.
  • A triangulated assessment of math-related stereotype threat.
  • Functional behavior assessment and treatment of problem behavior in a school setting.
  • Evaluating the Efficacy of and Children’s Preference for Dimensions of Positive Reinforcement: Choice and Reliability of Reinforcer Delivery.
  • An Evaluation of Relational Practice, Gender, and Managerial Status in the Workplace.
  • A Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep: An Empirical Evaluation of Adult Sleep Problems.
  • Effects of Pre-Session Exposure to Reinforcement on Skill Acquisition.
  • The Impact of Flextime on Perceived Organizational Support: An Investigation of Gender and Parental Status.
  • A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effects of a Rape Prevention Program on Rape Myth Acceptance, Attitudes Toward Rape Victims, and Date Rape Attitudes.
  • Improving the Conversational Skills of a College Student with High Functioning Autism.
  • The Effect of Name Stereotypes on Job Applicants Based on Gender and Race.
  • The Use of a Structured Interview and Chronotherapy to Improve Adult Sleep Problems.
  • Evaluation of Teaching Errors Related to Prompt Dependent Behavior.
  • Performance Effectiveness in Greeting Behavior: A Combination of Graphed and Written Feedback.
  • A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for Teaching Delay Tolerance.
  • Teaching Independent Completion of a Complex Task to a Typically-Developing Preschooler
  • Efficacy and Generality of a Parent Training Model using Behavioral Skills Training with  Individualized Examples
  • The Role of Gender, Managerial Status, and Relational Orientation on Perceptions of Effectiveness and Submissiveness
  • An Investigation of the Influence of Bodyweight and Gender on Appraisal of Résumés
  • The Effects of Gender and Race Biases on Hireability
  • Determining the Range of Severity of Problem Behavior during Functional Analyses
  • Transitions from Rich to Lean Reinforcement as Error Correction Procedures
  • Evaluating the Effects of Reinforcer Magnitude on Skill Acquisition
  • Evaluating the Stability of Paired-Item Preference Analyses
  • The Effects of Font Style and Cognitive Processing on the Perceptions of Recommendation Letters
  • A Community-Level Assessment of Pay-As-You-Throw Recycling in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
  • Political affiliation and Community Recycling Behavior.
  • Blood pressure negativity: An archival analysis.

Research Outcomes

  • Students are coauthors on articles in peer-reviewed journals including:
    • Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Analysis of Verbal Behavior
    • Students have presented research at regional, national and international conferences including:
      • Eastern Psychological Association
      • New England Psychological Association
      • Association for Behavior Analysis International
      • Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy
      • Connecticut Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy
    • Award
      • Connecticut Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy Student Poster Award (Spring 2013)