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Herman L. Jackson

Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D. of CS, University of California at Davis
M.S. of CS, University of California at Davis
B.S. of CS, California State University
Office: Herman 207b
Website: http://homepage.wne.edu/~hjackson

Dr. Jackson is a Professor in the department of Computer Science and Information Technology at Western New England University. Before joining Western New England University in 2004, he earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from UC Davis. Before that he earned a B.S. in computer science from CSU Bakersfield.

Dr. Jackson has research interests in the areas of software engineering, web systems, and computing education. In software engineering and web systems, he has been interested in technologies that make software development and maintenance easier for programmers. In his dissertation, he developed an efficient algorithm for pretty printing a window of code, as it would appear in its original larger context, without pretty printing that larger context.

In computing education Dr. Jackson is interesting in teaching strategies that provide students with motivating and interesting learning experiences. Most recently he has been experimenting with POGIL and the "Flipped Classroom," as well as using Humanitarian Free and Open-Source Software projects to enhance the student learning experience.

Dr. Jackson has participated in CCSC-NE since 2010 and has served on its board since 2012. He has been an ACM member since 2005 (earlier if you count his student membership).

For a list of publications, please visit the ACM author pages for "Stoney Jackson" and "Herman Jackson" below

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Computing Education

Web Systems

Software Engineering

Human-Computer Interaction

Information Visualization


CS 220 Software Development

IT 350 Web Systems

IT 450 Advanced Web Systems

CS 492 CS Capstone

IT 320 Human-Computer Interaction

IT 230 Operating Systems and Script Development

IT 240 Foundations of Web Systems

CS 171 Programming for Mathematics

CS 413 Parallel Computing

CS/IT 102 Introduction to Programming

CS 131 Computing for A&S