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Laura L Hansen

Adjunct Faculty
2004 Ph.D. Sociology , University of California, Riverside
2001 M.A. Sociology , University of California, Riverside
1998 B.S. Sociology , University of California, Riverside
Office: Herman 200H

Member: Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology Honor Society), Eastern Sociological Society, American Society of Criminolog, Board of Bar Overseers Hearing Committee


Current Research

Currently working on a survey on attitudes towards violence, working with collaborators in the U.K. and Italy.

Gang Specialist

Certified Gang Specialist in Gangs in Schools, K-12 and International/Transnational Gangs, National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC)

Social Processes Criminology

Youth Gangs, Educating Educators on the Risks of Gang Recruitment, Financial White-Collar Crime, Insider Trading, Criminal Social Network Analysis

Large Scale Organizations And Social Institutions

Informal social structures in economic organizations, organizational theory and culture

Applied Sociology

Former Research Partner, South Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative. Completed survey reports (February 2013, 2014) on longitudinal study on the effectiveness of programs within the initiative and agency participation.


SO 101 Introduction to Sociology

SO 201 Social Problems

SO/CJ 210 Criminology (WIC)

SO/CJ 300 Applied Analytical Methods

SO 307 Qualitative Research Methods

SO 308 Sociology of the Family

SO/MAN 315 Organizational Theory

SO/CJ 342 Juvenile Delinquency

CJ 375 Emergency Response Management

Created a new course for 2018-2019 catalogue, covering topic of coordinating emergency response agencies and teams during major natural or human-made disasters.  

CJ 405 Organized Crime



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Book Chapters

L.L. Hansen and M.E. Freitag (2016). . “Come on now, I want to see blood!”: Choreographed violence in gang initiation rites. . In S. Harding and M.Palasinki (Eds.), Global Perspectives on Youth Behavior, Violence, and Weapons Use : IGI Global.

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Journal Articles

L. L. Hansen (2014 , January ). "Gossip Boys": insider trading and regulatory ambiguity . Journal of Financial Crime ,21 , 29-43.

L. L. Hansen and S. Movahedi (2010 , June ). Wall Street Scandals: The Myth of Individual Greed . Sociological Forum ,25 , 367-374.

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L. L. Hansen (2005 ). Girl "Crew" Members Doing Gender, Boy "Crew" Members Doing Violence: An Ethnographic and Network Analysis of Maria Hinojosas New York Gangs . Western Criminology Review ,6 , 134-144.

Conference Proceedings

(2017 , November ). “Crew Collar” crime: Hacking for the heck of it. . American Society of Criminology

L.L. Hansen (2016 , November ). Diagnosis and treatment of corporate crime revisited: Looking outside the organization for malfeasance catalysts . American Society of Criminology

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