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Freshman Semester in London: Jan 8 - May 4, 2017

Spend Your Spring Semester in London!

Every fall a group of 10-15 first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences is selected to join a group of Western New England faculty and spend the spring semester on the campus of our sister school in London, Regent's University. This is not a traditional semester-abroad program: students take regular Western New England courses taught by Western New England faculty, as well as one Regent's University course.  Best of all, the entire cost of the program, including airfare to and from London, is covered by regular Western New England University tuition and housing fees.

The program takes place on the main campus of Regent’s University in London. This is an international institution that attracts students not just from Britain and the United States, but also from all over the world. Students are housed in university dorms with a full meal plan and given access to all university facilities. The main campus is located in royal Regent’s Park, which is a green oasis in the heart of bustling central London, offering an exclusive student experience. The University is close to the center of London and the city’s famous theatres, galleries and museums, as well as major sporting and entertainment venues. 

Special Features

  • Students will have a week of orientation in London before classes begin. This will feature detailed exploration of Greater London and an introduction to many of the city’s most famous sites—all at no additional cost.
  • All Western New England courses are designed to take advantage of London’s unique resources and will include field trips as an integral part of the coursework.
  • The program automatically satisfies a Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) requirement. 

Got Your Passport?

Don’t forget to apply now for your passport to be ready to take advantage of this unique educational/travel opportunity.

5 Courses

Students in the program will take a full semester of coursework (15-17 cr.) in London, consisting of 3-4 Western New England courses and 1-2 Regent's courses. Regent's University courses can be used to satisfy any applicable Western New England University requirements, and all Richmond course credits will automatically be transferred.  

Western New England University Courses Offered
ART 212/HIST 212 London Through the Ages
CUL 290 British Culture and Society
ENGL 133 English Composition II: Introduction to Literature
SO 190/ MUS 190 - Social Movements and the Music of Protest 

Sample Regent's University Courses

Regent's University offers a wide range of freshman-level courses. Some examples include:
Contemporary Art                                  Introduction to Western History        Media Relations

Economics for Global Business             Interpersonal Communication          Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Introduction to Creative Writing             Interpersonal Communication           Personality and Individual Differences           
Introduction to Political Ideologies         Journalism in Society                        Understanding Social Media

Note: while Regent’s courses are compatible with most A&S majors, they do not include any lab science courses. This means that most science majors will need to take make-up courses if they participate, and that students in the Pre-pharmacy and Pre-physician Assistant programs are not able to participate in the Freshman Semester in London.

Forms and Deadlines

Selective Admission
Admission to the Freshman Semester in London is selective and will be based on students’ midterm grades (with a minimum GPA of 2.5 necessary to qualify) and recommendations from First Year Seminar (LA 100) instructors. 
Application Forms
To request an application form, simply email the Program Director: ted.south@wne.edu. Please include your name and best phone number in your request and we will add you to our contact list. This will allow us to send you updates about the program and deadline reminders. 
Application Deadline: October 7
Application forms must be signed and returned Prof. South or to the First Year Office (Dean Jarzabski) in the Campus Center no later than Friday October 7th.
Successful applicants will usually be notified within two weeks of the Oct. 7th deadline and will be sent acceptance forms to be signed and returned to the First year Office. Once these acceptance forms are submitted, students will automatically be enrolled in the Freshman Semester in London ands can begin registering for courses.