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From the Dean

We are now well into the 21st century, and the impact of technology can be seen all around. A world of information is readily at our fingertips, but beneath the surface of the high-tech devices that connect us, something more dramatic is taking place. With more people reading and writing electronically, literacy has renewed value.

How will this impact your choice of career and college today? Good communication skills will be essential in tomorrow's job market. Whether you become a social worker, criminal investigator, or scientist, you'll need to articulate and present your ideas persuasively to a wide range of audiences. With an education from Western New England University's College of Arts and Sciences, you'll develop your communication skills to their fullest with a greater understanding of social, economic, and cultural issues. You'll be prepared for a rewarding career and will be able to enjoy a richly textured personal life.

The College of Arts and Sciences programs offer you many paths to success. With the ability to research and analyze data, speak and write effectively, and reach innovative solutions, graduates are able to apply their talents in many fields. An Arts and Sciences degree also provides enrichment to the individual, allowing a context of the arts, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and the sciences for greater understanding of the world.