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From the Dean

In the College of Arts and Sciences at Western New England University, we are preparing students to be citizens in their local, national, and global environments. In and out of the classroom, faculty challenge students to develop the skills they will need for work in the present and the future; the skills they need for graduate study; and the skills they need to be life-long learners.

The College of Arts and  Sciences offers a range of majors, giving students the opportunity to study in the Arts and Humanities, the Physical and Biological Sciences, Computational Sciences, and the Social Behavioral Sciences. No matter what major they select, students—across the University—are grounded in a strong liberal arts education with transferable skills, such as adaptability, leadership, organization, oral and written communication, and teamwork skills. These skillsets, along with a sense of empathy humanity, prepare them to create value for their employers and lead lives of meaning and purpose.

The faculty of Arts and Sciences are experts in their fields who are committed to student learning, student research, and student engagement. Faculty emphasize that learning happens in the classrooms and implement multifaceted teaching pedagogy with the student at the center of their teaching. However, faculty also acknowledge that learning happens outside the classroom, and as such facilitates learning opportunities for research, internships, and travel that allow students to apply the knowledge they learn inside the classroom to the real world.

The College of Arts and  Sciences offers many paths to success by developing students’ ability to speak and write effectively, to think critically and to be creative problem solvers, to research and analyze data, to work in a diverse environment, and to develop a sense of self-expression that will help them on their journey as Western New England graduates equipped to navigate a rapidly changing world. 

Dr. Josie A. Brown
Interim Dean
College of Arts and Sciences