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Honors Program

A Mark of Distinction

The Honors distinction from an AACSB International–accredited College of Business on your academic record is an ideal way to show graduate schools and potential employers that you are a person who is committed to achieving a high level of business excellence through a rigorous academic program.


The College of Business provides academically qualified and motivated students with the opportunity to distinguish their academic career through participation in the College of Business Honors program. Business Honors courses are distinguished by the type of work required, pace of study, and opportunities for broader consideration of core course themes. In addition, Business Honors courses emphasize critical and independent thinking to produce creative applications of ideas.  

An Invitation to Excel

Students who have met the GPA, SAT and/or ACT recommendation will automatically be invited to accept their seat in the College of Business Honors program. Students should contact Jana Kmec, Honors Admissions Counselor, at jana.kmec@wne.edu, to signify their acceptance of the invitation to join the Business Honors Program.

Find Your People

Incoming freshmen, who have been invited to be members of the Colleges’ Honors Programs, have to opportunity to make the most of the program by living in special honors housing in the innovative (and popular) LaRiviere Living and Learning Center.

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Program Requirements

To receive the College of Business Honors designation on their transcript, students in the Business Honors Program must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.3, and have good standing in the University community at all times. In addition, a student must complete 18 credits of Honors courses including a Senior Honors Project. Twelve of these 18 credits must be taken from Honors courses in the College of Business; six of these 12 Business Honors credits must be at the 300 or 400 level. The following Business core courses can be taken at the Honors level:

HONB 101 (MAN 101) Managing People and Processes in Organization (fall)

HONB 200 (MK 200) Marketing Concepts (spring)

HONB 201 (BL 201, BL 350, BL 360) Principles and Processes of Business Law (spring)

HONB 203 (AC 201) Financial Accounting: The Language of Business (fall) 

HONB 312 (BUS 312) Business Processes and ERP with SAP (fall in even years)

HONB 450 (BUS 450) Strategic Thinking and Action in Organizations (fall)

HONB 495 Senior Honors Project (by arrangement)

Your Honors Capstone

Each College of Business Honors program senior works closely with a faculty advisor to develop a capstone project. Students must submit an Honors project as approved and overseen by the Honors Committee in the College of Business.

Business Honors Council

A Business Honors Council, comprised of student representatives of each class, meet bi-monthly to develop a program of activities by and for the Business Honors community. Ongoing events include student/faculty dinners and speaker series.