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Boost Academic Initiatives and Experience

Typically, our alumni advance rapidly in their careers, with employers frequently remarking on their resilient, self-starter attitudes, strong communication skills, and team-oriented attributes. To continue this trajectory, we will set academic goals for our second century to deepen student learning, create defining opportunities and experiences, and make a difference inside the classroom and beyond.

Our history and future rest on our continuing ability to provide students with a unique blend of integrated liberal and professional learning delivered in small, personal classes. The Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the School of Law together create a multidisciplinary curriculum that is commonly only found at large institutions.

We know that the success of our students lies heavily on the shoulders of an engaged and vibrant faculty. Faculty do not simply teach; they also mentor and challenge to push students’ boundaries and take them past their intellectual comfort zone. Faculty at Western New England University embody those qualities, exemplifying excellence in every area of teaching and research. As is the case in any enterprise, competition for the best talent is intense, and we currently have limited tools to retain our top educators. Endowed professorships are our best option. By supporting salary, benefits, and research expenses, endowed chairs recognize and reward the most distinguished professors.

An endowed chair or professorship brings distinction not only to the appointee, but also to the program, the University, and the donor. This honor has become the gold standard for academic recruitment and it signifies that our institution is undergoing significant evolution. An endowed chair is one of the highest honors a faculty member can receive. It also greatly benefits students who can work collaboratively with faculty on research and other projects the faculty holder of the endowed chair is now able to take on with the special funds awarded.

For today’s graduates, hands-on experience, real-world problem-solving, intensive research, and journal publications cited on their resume give them a huge head start when applying for jobs or graduate study programs.

Active learning is not optional for our students; it is a must. Students learn by doing—by researching, investigating, creating, and solving. They gain clarity—sometimes life-changing clarity—about their plans and path for the future. Experiential hands-on learning is at the heart of a Western New England University education, and we are ready to take it to the next level.