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Build and Enhance Campus Facilities

At Western New England University, intellectual growth occurs both inside and outside the classroom. Today’s students, whether undergraduate or graduate, seek leading-edge facilities to enhance their learning experiences. To meet this need, Western New England University has focused on two important capital projects: the new 70,000 square-foot University Commons and renovation of the St. Germain Campus Center.

The University Commons opened in 2018 and has been bustling with students, faculty, staff and visitors ever since. While much of the building is dedicated to dining services, the open floor plan and flexible seating areas allow groups to gather for hours to study, practice, plan or socialize.

The new University Commons has been a fantastic addition to the Western New England campus community. The most important impact it has had revolves around improvements to the overall campus atmosphere. From breakfast until the building closes, many students spend time relaxing, socializing, and doing work while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere in the building. The University Commons not only serves food; it serves the students as a beacon of our community.
-Ian McReynolds
Criminal Justice–Homeland Security & Terrorism, Class of 2019
Student Senate President

The second signature construction project is the renovation of the St. Germain Campus Center, to include an expanded Career Development Center and redesigned Academic Success Center. Additionally, the University will launch a contemporary Student Advising Center—the anchor that completes this trio of services, generating a profound effect on the development of undergraduate students as they work toward achieving their individualized goals. When complete it will be a game changer in student recruitment, retention, and success.

The internal renovations, complemented by new entrances to the Campus Center, will modernize the external aspect of this historic building and create a harmonious aesthetic to the adjacent University Commons.

Now more than ever, prospective and current students, along with their families, have high expectations for robust internship opportunities and career services. This underscores the need to redesign the Campus Center to highlight the Career Development Center as a premier destination for students, alumni, and employment recruiters. The newly defined Career Development Center will offer a welcoming, professional space to support all aspects of student career exploration and skills development.

Similarly, a comprehensive and fully integrated Student Advising Center represents a significant opportunity for Western New England University to enhance student success. Through our innovative model, a series of intentional and high-quality interactions provides each undergraduate student with an advising team consisting of a faculty, peer, career, and professional advisor.

As a result of these partnerships, students can expect outcomes that include increased self-awareness, achievement of educational goals, and a focused plan for life after graduation. With the Student Advising Center, Career Development Center, and Academic Success Center situated next to each other, a pathway to success will emerge. These services will function in a culture of collaboration with Study Abroad, Student Disability Services, Counseling Services and Athletics to ensure holistic student support and development.