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President's Fund for Excellence

The President’s Fund for Excellence—comprised of unrestricted gifts received on an annual basis—is a vital resource for Western New England University. Through this fund, the President makes tactical investments to address the immediate, highest priorities of today while building a stable foundation for the future. This fund provides the University President the capacity to launch special initiatives, to meet pressing needs as they arise, and to capitalize on emerging opportunities to strengthen academic and student life programs. 

Unrestricted annual giving is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts, allowing for crucial flexibility in areas of greatest needs. From emergency student aid assistance, to inspired facilities, to innovative academic programs, the President’s Fund for Excellence allows the President to say "yes" to keeping Western New England University competitive and distinctive.

Through the President’s Fund for Excellence, everyone in the Western New England University community can play a significant role in the mission of the University and of the students whom we educate and whose lives we help transform.