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Increase Scholarship Aid

Financial aid is not just helpful to students today; it is essential. We are not accessible to every qualified and deserving student, and this is something we need to change. This is why the number one priority of the Campaign for our Second Century is to increase available student aid through donor funded scholarships.

A century ago, our first students paid $100 a semester in tuition—YMCA membership included! Now, students who attend full-time and live on campus see a sticker price of about $50,000 per year, a daunting amount for nearly any family.

Some students who select Western New England University as their first choice school end up not enrolling, and in many of those cases, insufficient financial aid (sometimes just a few thousand dollars) is the main reason why. A growing number of high school seniors are forced to opt for less costly options.

We have been responding by providing more than $40 million of our own funds in financial aid in recent academic years. More than 98% of our full-time undergraduate students and 75% of law students receive aid every year—through scholarships, grants, and loans—and most of our current endowment is designated to provide scholarship support. But the University’s endowment is modest—$65 million—and it is stretched to the limit as the rising cost of a college education outpaces the scholarship aid we are able to offer.

Increasing endowed scholarship aid by $11.5 million, making $525,000 more available each year for students, will be a vital step toward expanding and preserving access to a Western New England University education now and for future generations. A permanent gift to the endowment creates a legacy and ensures funding of scholarship aid in perpetuity.

Securing additional annual scholarship support of $1,000,000 will create immediate impact—these funds can be awarded immediately, key to our ability to recruit and retain the most academically talented and deserving students.


Your gifts in action!

  • A $40,000 endowed scholarship can help close the gap between a student’s financial need and the institutional aid provided by distributing $2,000 annually.

  • Establishing an endowed scholarship of a $400,000 gift can provide a student with a full average aid package by distributing $20,000 annually.

  • A four-year annual scholarship pledge totaling $20,000 impacts students immediately by distributing $5,000 annually.