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Challenge Leaders

Celebrating the Impact and Influence of President Anthony S. Caprio

  • John J. Brennan '71

    I am proud to sponsor the Caprio Challenge because of the many contributions President Anthony Caprio has made to the University. He has been the engine behind the growth and expansion of a sleepy college in Springfield, Massachusetts into a powerhouse regional university.

    President Caprio’s greatest contribution to Western New England University has been to provide our students with an exemplary environment in which to learn and become major contributors to society.

  • Janet Johnson Bullard '69

    President Caprio’s greatest contribution to Western New England University has been his absolute dedication to the success and happiness of each and every student on campus. In addition, his devotion to faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees has been tireless. His cheerfulness and his kindness are infectious. His oversight of all phases of the development of the campus has largely contributed to its beauty and functionality. He can retire knowing that he has been an exceptional president for our University and that his contributions are appreciated by all of us who have been touched by his humanity.

  • Kevin S. Delbridge '77

    I graduated from the University in 1977 and immediately began my business career. Since I was focused on my family and career, I was remiss not to visit the campus nor stay in contact with the University for almost 20 years. Then, in 1997, Anthony took the initiative and called me to schedule a lunch meeting in Boston. We met, and I was extremely grateful that we did. He was (and continues to be) an outstanding advocate of the University. I was impressed with the progress the University had made since 1977 and with his enthusiasm and vision to continue that progress. I was pleased when I was asked to join the Board of Trustees in 1998. I readily accepted, and since then I was able to witness first hand the tremendous effect he had on the institution. His vision in adding new programs, his strengthening existing programs, his contribution to fundraising, and his total dedication to the University and all of its constituents is truly outstanding. He absolutely is leaving the University in a much better place than when he arrived. His legacy will be long remembered after he takes his final walk out of Deliso Hall.

  • Michael J. Flynn '82/G'83

    Without Anthony, we wouldn’t be the University today.

  • Steven P. Kitrosser '66/G'70

    Dr. Caprio’s most valuable quality is that regardless of who he is speaking to, he listens and remembers – and leaders don’t always possess those important skills. Above all, Dr. Caprio is a “doer” – he makes an effort to get involved and helps solve problems so that things can get accomplished. Dr. Caprio is able to speak to people on any level with understanding and care, be that students or CEO’s of companies. This is a valuable commodity – it takes a very special person to do that.

    As a student who struggled financially, I think it is very important to help current students with the expense of higher education. The Caprio Challenge will help support deserving young people who will be able to reach their dreams of higher education and pursue successful, fulfilling careers.

  • Stanley Kowalski III '92

    Following graduation in 1992, I gravitated toward entrepreneurial endeavors and spun out a few companies. My education held me in good stead. Now, since serving on the Board of Trustees and interacting with Dr. Caprio, I realized he was a kindred spirit. He is always on the alert for better and innovative approaches. An example of his entrepreneurial approach was when he elevated the institution to University status.

    There was always one priority first and foremost for Dr. Caprio: the students. I have been privileged to routinely observe this first hand. Strolling across campus with him can feel like a Sahara crossing, as he would stop to chat and interact with what seemed like every single student. I am pleased to give back and honor Dr. Caprio. I encourage you to also recognize and honor the man that put us all first for so long!

  • Kenneth M. Rickson '75

    I am proud to sponsor the Caprio Challenge to recognize the outstanding record of the longest-serving president in the history of our institution. Anthony Caprio has built a legacy that will endure for years to come. President Caprio’s greatest contribution to Western New England University has been his steadfast leadership and the success of his strategy to transition our institution from a college to a university.

    You can help us to recognize Dr. Caprio by making a contribution to this challenge and help us meet the goal of the Campaign for Our Second Century.

  • Roger W. Wade L'82

    What strikes me most about Dr. Caprio has always been his vision. The more exposure I have to other colleges and universities, the more I appreciate and respect his visionary persona. Time and time again, he has demonstrated his vision and passion for Western New England as an institution, community, and family. Anthony is clearly a warm, bright, dedicated leader, and he will be difficult to replace.

  • Kathleen A. White '78

    I am proud to sponsor the Caprio Challenge to honor Dr. Caprio’s commitment to the University during his years as President. Throughout his tenure, President Caprio has continued to connect with students while fostering an inclusive learning environment. In supporting the Caprio Challenge, we honor Dr. Caprio’s success in growing the University, both physically and programmatically.

  • R. Lyman and Leslie Wood

    Dr. Caprio is a true leader: he leads without you knowing you are following, and you realize you are going in the wrong direction when you see him going the other way. He is kind-hearted, yet tough when he needs to be. I have always appreciated that he listens and learns when conversing and that he respects all individuals, even when faced with a difference of perspective or opinion.
    -Lyman Wood

    Anthony Caprio is the heart of Western New England University. He is the President who stops to get an ice cream and sees a young man behind the counter with a WNE hat. Learning that this is a current student, he then takes a picture with the young man and both walk away with a big smile.
    -Leslie Wood