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Career Planning and Preparation

The Career Development Center is dedicated to supporting you through your career planning and preparation process. Working towards your future goals may seem daunting, but your Career Counselor can help keep you focused and on track for career success--throughout your undergraduate education and beyond.

start planning for your future

Freshman Year: EXPLORE                                                       Freshman Year Career Checklist

Gather information about yourself which will help you make decisions about careers and direction. Develop an understanding of your values, interests, skills, and personality type. Focus2 and Do What You Are, both Career Interest Inventories, are available to assist with this process. Your first year seminar class will also introduce careers, strategies, and options available to you in your major. Explore different clubs and organizations that are related to your major or match your interests.

Sophomore Year: EDUCATE                                                     Sophomore Year Career Checklist

Now is the time to gather information about the world of work by conducting research on careers, industries, and organizations. Programs such as Sophomore Career Connections will connect you with professionals to explore careers and jobs in the field. Think about stepping up in your club, organization, or team. Taking on a leadership role or increasing your involvement adds value to your resume and experience and strengthens skills that employers desire.

Junior Year: APPLY                                                                  Junior Year Career Checklist

Take advantage of all that Western New England University has to offer in the classroom through research and projects as well as, outside through internships, applied experience, and also through the Learning Beyond the Classroom requirement. Explore occupational choices and gain practical experience that will help formulate your career strategy and introduce you to connections. Programs such as LEADS and the Golden Bear Career Certificate will help you promote your leadership skills, your academic knowledge, and your experience outside of the classroom.

Senior Year: IMPLEMENT                                                         Senior Year Career Checklist

This is the beginning of your next step, applying what you have learned in and out of the classroom and putting your career strategy into place. Throughout these past four years you have learned how to conduct an effective job search, fine tune your resumes and cover letters, apply to graduate/professional school and practice your interviewing skills. This process differs for each student and the Career Development Center is prepared to meet each student where they are and coach them along in the process. 

take the first step

The Career Development Center will help you on every step of your career journey. Whether you aren’t sure what academic major to pursue, or what shape you want your career to take, your Career Counselor will help you explore your options and determine what path will best suit your goals and abilities.

Promote yourself on paper

Whether you are pursuing a job or internship, or simply want to have your materials ready for future opportunities, the Career Development Center can help you craft professional and focused résumés and cover letters. When you make an appointment for your résumé, bring a list of work experience and extracurricular activities as well as a description of the tasks performed at each area of employment, and your Career Counselor will show you how to turn that list into a professional and engaging document.

Take your career for a test drive

Western New England University has a network of more than 1,000 internship sites. Whether you would like to work with an organization in the Springfield area during the academic year, or intern at a hometown company, the Career Development Center will guide you through the application and interview process. Once you secure an internship, you will continue to work with the Career Development Center to complete required paperwork to receive academic credit for the experience.

Land Your First job

When you reach your senior year and start looking for a post-graduation job, the Career Development Center will demonstrate job search techniques and resources, and will also help you sharpen your letter and résumé, hold mock interviews, discuss professional attire, and share other job search resources.

Earn your next degree

Furthering your education in graduate school is a valuable investment in your career. The Career Development Center can provide help in all areas of graduate admissions from writing personal statements, researching graduate programs, and preparing for standardized testing and admission requirements. The process for preparing for graduate school should start before senior year.