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Staff for Medical and Counseling

Medical Staff

  • Kathleen (Kathy) Noone

    MBA, BSN, RN

    Kathleen is a Registered Professional Nurse with an extensive background in clinical operations and healthcare business management in both the ambulatory and acute care settings. Kathleen is the Director for Health and Wellness and is responsible for the strategic planning, program development and operational management for all Health and Counseling Services at WNE.

  • Jennifer Alli

    DNP, FNP

    Dr. Jennifer Alli is a board certified family nurse practitioner and the Associate Director of Health Services. She provides direct care, clinical oversight of the staff and mentors student nurse practitioners. Jen is responsible for management of the electronic health record and on-going professional development of the staff.

    Jen was previously employed by Baystate Medical Center as a primary care and urgent care provider. Jen is presently a  clinician with Right Choice Health Group and AFC Urgent Care.

  • Lauren Dansereau


    Lauren Dansereau is a board certified adult nurse practitioner and the Health Educator. She provides direct care and develops and implements health education for both employees and students. Lauren mentors nurse practitioner students. Lauren was previously employed in gastroenterology and is presently a clinician with AFC Urgent Care. 

  • Deanna Welch


    Deanna Welch is a dually certified nurse practitioner in Adult/gerontology and women's health. She attended Western New England University for her Bachelor's degree and obtained her BSN and MSN from MGH Institute of Health Professions. Prior to joining the WNE Health Services Deanna was employed as a full-time primary care nurse practitioner with Baystate Medical Practices. She also works at Post Acute Care Clinicians.

  • Joseph Viadero


    Dr. Joseph Viadero is a board-certified internist with 38 years of experience in primary care. A graduate of the Northwestern University School of Medicine, Dr. Viadero completed his residency at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He was a founding partner of Connecticut River Internist where he practiced until 2020.

  • Marilyn Laboy


    Marilyn Laboy is a certified medical assistant and the office manager. Her responsibilities include assisting the health care providers with procedures, maintaining office and medical supplies, providing information to patients, managing all immunizations and health records. Marilyn provides triage at the reception area.

    Marilyn was previously employed by Hampden County Physicians as a medical assistant in both primary and urgent care. 

  • Jacqueline Coyle


    Jackie Coyle is a certified medical assistant and the student health insurance coordinator. Her responsibilities include assisting the health care providers, patient triage and maintaining medical supplies. Jackie was previously employed at AFC Urgent Care in Springfield for eight years as the center administrator and medical assistant.

Counseling Staff

  • Amy Shuman


    Assistant Director of Mental Health and Wellness
    *Not currently accepting clients*

    My job has recently changed and instead of seeing clients, I am clinically supervising a very talented group of clinicians and graduate interns. I do so with the same spirit that I brought to my individual work with students. As a licensed independent clinical social worker, I support our clinicians’ focus on recovery from issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, eating issues, and substance use issues. We specialize in promoting development, health, and safety.

    Amongst our staff and graduate interns, we represent a diverse array of cultures, races, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender, and welcome all of the richness of diversity that our student body includes. We meet our clients with our best selves, offering authenticity, compassion. We support our client’s development, insights, and choices in their progress toward their own unique personal goals.

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    MS, LMHC

    Clinical Counselor/Art Therapy

    My approach entails being empathetic in my listening skills and creating a safe and comfortable environment to talk. I will often give a different perspective to a solution and encourage growth, and to “lean” into the uncomfortableness that can come with counseling, as this makes way for great improvement in oneself. I tend to think outside the box and encourage creativity in thinking, as well as will be of great support as the individual builds up their confidence and is able to grow and develop. I will often challenge my clients to be their best selves, whatever that may look or feel like to them.

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  • Kellie Johansen


    Mental Health and Substance Use Counselor

    Mindful that no two people feel or react the same to life circumstances, I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental space for individuals to open up, be themselves and share their story. With the recognition of an individual’s strengths, lifestyle, and goals, together we create a plan that ultimately leads to healing, acceptance of self and others, self-empowerment, strengthened mind-body connection, more routine health and wellness practices, and an increased sense of joy and peace.

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  • Allyssa Burby


    As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my clinical lens is focused on treating not just the individual but the systemic context in which the person exists. Relationships in our lives whether they are romantic, familial, friendships or acquaintances all shape who we become and how we respond to difficult life stressors. Let’s explore together the relationships you have and how each serves you.

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  • Kathryn Colby

    Graduate Intern

    My approach is all about building the relationship, focusing on the whole person, and identifying strengths. No one person only has one identity and we will work together figure out strengths to find solutions for any aspect of yourself. As a Graduate Intern I continue to learn and deepen my practice while supporting your journey.

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    Graduate Intern

    I have a person-first approach to counseling that is centered in building a strong working relationship and foundation with the individuals I work with. Through patience, understanding and the right mix of humor and empathy I strive to create a safe and welcoming space for any individual who works with me. Despite my switch to clinical mental health, I have not forgotten my mental performance background and the aspects of having a growth mindset, finding motivation and other strength-based techniques are a major part of my approach as a counselor in terms of helping the individuals I work with grow and reach their goals.

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  • Devon Ruesch

    Graduate Intern

    I am a second-year intern, currently working on my Master of Social Work degree at Smith College. I received my BA in English and Art History from Skidmore College. My clinical interests include stress, trauma, life transitions, and addiction. As a counselor, I work to help clients develop lenses of self-compassion and mindfulness, as tools for greater understanding of themselves and others.

  • Lynn Paulella Beard

    Graduate Intern

    I have been teaching in higher education and the performing arts for over 20 years and as an adjunct professor at Westfield State University. My experience is in the performing arts as a director, producer, teacher, and writer.  I have a Master of Arts from New York University and am completing a Master of Social Work degree from Westfield State University. My background offers a unique understanding of the creative and artistic human being.

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  • Mica Agate-Mays

    Graduate Intern

    As a second-year graduate student at Smith College School for Social Work, I seek to work with clients in an authentic, empathetic, and nonjudgmental way. I value being present and welcoming whatever the client brings to the session each day. My intention is for clients to get a better sense of themselves, where they have come from, and where they want to go. I’m committed to providing affirming care for all bodies and strive to offer support to people of all sizes, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, immigration statuses, and disability statuses. I aim to create a safe and sacred space where rich and transformative work occurs.