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The community at Western New England remains committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of your student. While maintaining all the COVID-19 protocols previously established, we are mindful of the changes: increase in positive cases nationally, winter weather bring more of us indoors. 

As a result, we will continue to enforce strong guidelines for visitation on campus that students must adhere to. Regulations for indoor gatherings in the residence halls are to be consistent with the Campus Visitation Policy, which states there is to be no more than one additional person visiting in a double room and no more than eight people in a suite or apartment (including residents of that living space). Residence hall lounges are limited by the posted occupancy rates. Please note that persons must all be of the Western New England University Community.

We also extend our community to the commuting and students who reside off campus. We are adhering to Massachusetts Governor Bakers order which states an applied limit of 10 persons for indoor gatherings, 25 persons for outdoor gatherings to both private homes and event venues and public spaces.

Also, we have imposed the following rules for social gatherings of any size:

  • Participants must maintain a 6’ physical distance from participants with the exception of those who are members of the same household. Any gathering that violates the physical distance rule, regardless of the number of participants, will be in violation. The physical distance rules apply to all gatherings in public and private areas.
  • All participants must wear a face covering at all gatherings, regardless of location, and not exceed the posted capacity of the room.
  • If a member of the community is found in violation of the guidelines, outcomes consistent with those outlined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or Western New England University will apply. Student consequences will include the following:
  • Fine of $500.00
  • One semester separation from the University 

We are strongly encouraging our students to adhere to the expectations to avoid fines and disciplinary action.

Information encompassing the University's response to, and monitoring of COVID-19, can be found here.