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Resolution of Matters

Administrative Hearing

When there is an infraction of University policy, a student may meet with an administrator of the University to discuss alleged infractions of policy, review reports and discuss any alleged involvement in the matter. The students will have the opportunity to share their perspective and involvement in the incident. Students who participate can accept responsibility, found not responsible, or be found responsible. The administrator and student will discuss potential (if applicable) outcomes ranging from an educational conversation to removal from residency. Many outcomes include an educational sanction for the student to reflect and learn from the matter. Should the student be named in a future report, any prior violations may be considered in determining the outcome of future accountability.


In instances where information leads the University to look at suspension or dismissal as a potential outcome, the student will engage in an introductory meeting (pre-hearing) to review the process.  The Respondent will have the opportunity to review the alleged violations, review reports and learn about the review process. The student will be provided a time period in which they may identify first hand witnesses and an advisor.  A short time thereafter, the student will engage in a hearing with a senior member of the division of student affairs.

Students are afforded the opportunity to an advisor who may attend all meetings and provide support for the student throughout the process.  The advisor cannot speak on behalf of the student, nor serve as a witness.

Upon the completion of the hearing, the hearing officer will deliberate and provide a decision letter within three business days, outlining any accountability and expectations outcomes for behavior.