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University Policies


Student Conduct of Conduct

All students at Western New England University are expected to promote the educational mission of the University through individual personal integrity, honesty, respect, and responsibility, both on and off campus.

The Student Handbook is organized in four chapters:

  • University Policies
  • The Student Code of Conduct  
  • Sexual Harassment Title IX policies and procedures
  • Selected Academic Policies

The Student Code of Conduct is designed to challenge the inappropriate behavior of individuals in a supportive and educational manner that will encourage our studentsto understand the impact of their behavior on individuals and the community.

Community Covenant

Community is a shared journey. In order to sustain a personal commitment to quality of life, each member of the community is called upon to act, individually and collectively, so that certain modes of interaction are upheld. Students take part in a decision making process aimed at forging a common statement of guiding principles that articulates both individual obligations and commonly shared values. These values include:

I will protect the safety of both persons and property.

I will maintain respect for the dignity of each person.

I will maintain personal accountability for my decisions and choices.

I will safeguard the practice of free and open expression without risk of ridicule.

I will safeguard personal integrity.

I will accept the laws of responsible citizenship.


Resident Student Housing Agreement

As part of a residential community, specific expectations and guidelines are outlined in the Resident Student Housing Agreement.  Information pertaining to meal plans, deposit dates, and safety related matters are provided in detail.  This is a supplemental contract that a resident student signs prior to selecting housing.