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With the end of the fiscal year fast approaching, the Controller’s Office would like to remind everyone of the following:

  • Fiscal Year 2016 budget adjustments must be submitted to the Controller’s Office by June 30, 2016.   Any budget adjustments sent to the Controller’s Office after June 30th, should clearly indicate the fiscal year to be processed in, since the Controller’s Office will be working in two fiscal years simultaneously.
  • Transfers that need to be made after reviewing accounts should be submitted to the Controller’s Office by July 15, 2016, so they can be entered prior to the close of the fiscal year.  Please keep in mind that on-line account display is available to view all transactions for the month of June until the fiscal year is closed. Transfer forms can be found using the following link: http://www1.wne.edu/controller/financial-management.cfm
  • All purchases made (both by PO and Procard), must be received by June 30, 2016, as well as services must be rendered by June 30, 2016 in order for the expenses to be charged to fiscal year 2016, otherwise expenses will be charged to fiscal year 2017.  Please contract Dan DiGloria at extension 1747 with any questions.
  • Purchases made using the University’s Procard during the month of June will be reflected in the general ledger in fiscal year 2016, but not processed in the general ledger until July.  Any purchases including those made using a pro-card that is for fiscal year 2017 will be charge to fiscal year 2017.  Once posted these transactions can be viewed using on-line account display.   Please contact Dan DiGloria at extension 1747 with any questions.
  • Fiscal year 2016 invoices received by departments after June 30, 2016, must be submitted to Procurement Services by Tuesday, July 19th by noon to be included in the last check run of the fiscal year (July 21, 2016).  This will ensure that expenses are recorded in the correct fiscal year. 
  • The final payroll of the current fiscal year is June 24, 2016.  Requests for payments (grants, study abroad, internships, other special payments, etc.) for any work that was performed prior to June 30, 2016 needs to be charged to the current fiscal year.  As such, the supporting forms must be received by the Payroll Office by the end of the day on Monday, June 20th.  REMINDER: Additional Compensation Request Forms require the approval of Julie LeBeau, Controller, before being processed by Payroll, so please plan accordingly.  Please contact Sue Fontaine at extension 1396 with any questions.

Fiscal year 2016 will be closed on August 3, 2016.  Last year’s information can be accessed using the following link: https://yogi.wne.edu:777/lastyear.htm

  • For questions regarding your accounts please contact the Controller’s Office at extension 2105.
  • The month of July 2016 (Fiscal year 2017) will be closed on or before Friday August 12, 2016.