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Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT)

University’s Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) is composed of representatives from both the administration and faculty, including the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, University Senate President, and Faculty Council Chair.

In order to provide for an organized response to major emergencies on campus, the Emergency Response Team assists the University in responding to, managing, mitigating, and recovering from the emergency. The Team is also responsible for working with off-campus resources and agencies, such as local and state government agencies, police, emergency teams, and media.

In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, EMRT is responsible for the coordination and approval of recommendations as they pertain to the University’s COVID-19 response, protocols, and alert levels

Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) Members

Basil Stewart
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Josie Brown
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

S. Cheraghi
Dean, College of Engineering

Scott Coopee
Chief Information Officer

Lauren Dansereau
Nurse Practitioner and Health Educator

Beverly Dwight
Vice President for Advancement

Chris Freitag
Assistant Director of Facilities Management

Bryan Gross
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

Kristine Goodwin
Vice President of Student Affairs

Curt Hamakawa
Chief of Staff

Julie LeBeau
Associate Vice President for Planning and Business

Robert Johnson

Jennifer Kolins
Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Development

Mercedes Maskalik
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Melissa Motyka
General Manager, Aramark

Kathleen Noone
Director of Health and Wellness

John Pezzuto
Dean, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Julie Richardson
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management and University Registrar

David Rosinski
Director of Facilities Management

Jilla Sabeti
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Jackie Scalzo
Assistant to the Provost

Sudha Setty
Dean, School of Law

Anne Sroka
Advisor to the President

Maria Toyoda
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Tim Vercellotti
Professor of Political Science

Sharianne Walker
Dean, College of Business

Angelina White

Adam Woodrow
Director of Public Safety