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Important Note to Students: We ask that you please log into your Self-Service web portal to validate or update your contact information so we can call, email and text you as needed. This is also a time to consider adding a Parent Proxy if you haven’t already done so, which will enable the University to share selected information with a family member via email or text.

Spring Grading Questions

Updated April 3, 2020

What is happening with grading this semester?
For this spring semester only, the University will adopt an optional undergraduate grading policy to include Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grades as an alternative to traditional grading. Faculty will record letter grades at the end of the semester as they normally do. After grades have been posted, all undergraduate students will have the option of electing Credit/No Credit grading for any of their Spring 2020 classes by Friday, May 22. A Credit (CR) grade will indicate that a student has successfully passed the course with grades of A through D; a No Credit (NC) will indicate that a student has not passed the course with a grade equivalent of an F. Students will earn General University Requirements, major, minor, and elective credit with a “CR” grade.

Why is Credit/No Credit grading being offered for Spring 2020 classes?
We changed this semester’s grading to include Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) to recognize the extraordinary character of current circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. As we move instruction into alternative modes, we are necessarily changing our agreements about expectations and assessments. In a new and unfamiliar environment, we cannot hold faculty and students to expectations constructed in and for a different instructional experience. For this reason students will be able to choose whether to have traditional grades or Credit/No Credit grades.

Why are we offering Credit/No Credit grading instead of Pass/Fail?
In Pass/Fail grading, a grade of “P” has no positive impact on GPA calculations but “F” grades have a negative effect. If a student chose Pass/Fail grading for all their courses, they could see their cumulative GPA go down for F grades but not see any positive offset for P grades. Credit/No Credit grading has no impact on GPAs and eliminates this problem. The decision to allow this flexibility is a direct acknowledgment of this unprecedented situation. We expect our remote courses to maintain the highest quality instruction possible. We expect you to continue to seek the most from your courses. Please consult with your advisor for help in determining what is in your own best interest in the short- and long-term.

Do Credit/No Credit grades count in my cumulative or semester GPA?
See the explanation above.

If I earn CR in a course, will it count as a prerequisite for a future course?

Will there be notation on the transcript regarding the Credit/No Credit policy for Spring 2020?

Yes, your transcript will indicate that due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Spring 2020 semester had an optional Credit/No Credit policy for all undergraduate courses. 

How will Academic Standing determinations for Spring 2020 be made?
Due to the extenuating circumstances we are in, no undergraduate student will be placed on academic probation, suspension or dismissal as a result of the Spring 2020 semester.

  • Students whose letter grades for Spring 2020 would have resulted in a cumulative or semester GPA below a 2.000 will be placed on Academic Warning in the Fall so they can have the safety net of oversight available through Academic Progress Monitoring. Academic Warning does not show on the transcript.
  • Students currently on academic probation whose letter grades for Spring 2020 would have resulted in a cumulative or semester GPA at or above a 2.000 will have their probation lifted. Those with a cumulative GPA below a 2.000 will have their probation continued.

Will No Credit (NC) grades be considered for the purposes of future probation, suspension or dismissal?
No, Spring 2020 semester CR/NC designations will not contribute toward future probation, suspension or dismissal determinations. CR will signify that a student has earned academic credit by meeting the learning expectations for the course, whereas NC will signify that a student has not earned that credit.

Will Dean’s List and President’s List determinations be made for Spring 2020?
Yes, Dean’s List and President’s List designations will be made for Spring 2020 provided students are receiving letter grades for at least 6 credits of work.

How will Latin Honors be calculated for this year’s senior class?
Latin Honors for May graduates will be calculated using the letter grades faculty submit for all of a student’s Spring 2020 courses.

How do I elect Credit/No Credit grading?
You must submit a request by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 22, 2020. We are currently developing a form and will make this available by early May.

With the switch to remote instruction, I am encountering new disability-related barriers. How do I request accommodations?
You may be seeking accommodation(s) for the first time since departing campus or due to the change to remote instruction.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the Credit/No Credit grading policy for the Spring 2020 semester?
Please contact Enrollment Services with any questions at 413-796-2080 or records@wne.edu.

Technology Questions

I don’t own a computer. Can I get a loan to purchase one to complete my classes online?
If you are a student having difficulty securing a laptop computer for your online learning courses, you are now able to request an emergency loan. An emergency loan will be granted up to $750.00 to purchase a computer. This loan will be added to your student account.

Please see the attached form for more information. To request a loan, please complete the form and email it to: Jeanne Hart-Steffes at jsteffes@wne.edu. Once you have purchased your laptop, you must also submit a copy of the completed form along with a photo or PDF of your receipt.

How can I get help setting up my computer and Internet connection so I will be ready to start my online classes on March 30?

Don’t wait to make sure you have the tools, information, and connectivity to start taking classes online. If you have a question regarding accessing the Internet, we are here to help. Call the University Help Desk at 413-796-2200 or email Helpdesk@wne.edu during regular office hours (M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). Plan early to avoid waits for assistance.

Internet, Cable, and Cell Phone providers are providing service programs that may be available in your area. Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, and other providers in your area can be found using this site: https://www.highspeedinternetdeals.com/high-speed-internet-map.html

There are several ways to get computer technology assistance. You can:

  • Call the Service Desk at 413-796-2200 or x2200 from on campus
  • Visit the Service desk on the 3rd floor of Churchill Hall (Call first. On-campus availability may be limited due to the Covid-19 situation)
  • Initiate an online Work Order by logging into Connect2U at: https://connect2u.wne.edu
  • Email helpdesk@wne.edu


Will students be refunded tuition and fees?
In regards to tuition and fees, students will continue their studies online for the remainder of the semester and our courses will meet accreditation standards. There will be no refunds for tuition and lab fees.

Will resident students be refunded the prorated cost of room and board?
The University is currently exploring a range of options to address student and parent inquiries regarding room and board refunds and/or credits. We understand how important this decision is to our students and families. We are committed to providing a decision regarding this matter no later than April 6, 2020. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding.

How will student workers receive their paychecks?
Due to the transition to all online classes, the March 20, 2020 student payroll checks will be mailed to the address listed as your HOME address in the Self-Service web portal. Once again, please take a moment to check the address to make sure that it is correct, and to update it if it is not. If you don’t update Self-Service by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, please contact Student Payroll: Nina Leclerc 413-782-1799 or Denise Kareta at 413-782-1762. If you want your paycheck held please contact Student Payroll to make arrangements by Friday morning, March 20 at 11:00 a.m. Those students that have direct deposit will receive their pay as usual.

Students who have not picked up their payroll checks from pay dates prior to March 20 please do so in Enrollment Services at the bank by the end of the day Friday, March 20. If not picked up by end of day Friday those checks will be mailed on Monday, March 22 to your current home address.


How will Governor Baker’s order closing non-essential businesses affect online classes?
The Governor’s executive order includes exceptions for a number of functions considered essential, including personnel providing support for online courses and student services. The University has taken steps to have faculty and staff work remotely whenever possible. At this time, the University intends to resume Spring semester courses online starting Monday, March 30 and continuing for the remainder of the academic year.

Will seniors, graduate, pharmacy, and law students be awarded their diplomas on time?
Yes, moving to online learning will enable undergraduate, law, pharmacy, and occupational therapy students to meet the required accreditation standards for graduation. Graduate programs are on quarterly terms with the majority already offered on a hybrid online/on-campus format, moving to an online delivery will enable those students to continue their studies to complete all requirements.

When will classes begin online?
All undergraduate, Law, Pharmacy and OTD classes will resume online beginning Monday, March 30. The remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, including all finals, will be conducted exclusively online. This directive applies to all Colleges, Schools, and programs of the University, and to all students. Details about online study will be posted as soon as available to give students time to prepare for this change of course delivery. Our faculty and staff are working hard and ensure a high-quality academic experience

11-week winter graduate courses are continuing online. Contact your professor with specific questions.

The following changes are being made to the 15-week spring Academic Calendar, the course withdrawal process and the timing of Priority and Open Registration for Fall 2020.

  • Spring break has been extended and will end on Friday, March 27
  • The deadline to withdraw from a course with a “W” for Spring 2020 is being extended (except for School of Law students) to Friday, May 1
    • Since the learning environment is now online instead of on ground, paper course withdrawal forms will not be used for the semester. Students wishing to withdraw from a course should email their academic Dean’s office for approval:
    • The Dean’s office will forward approved requests to records@wne.edu
    • Enrollment Services will notify students, faculty, academic dean’s office and advisors once the course withdrawal is processed
  • Priority Registration for Fall 2020 will be moved back by two weeks and begin on April 13. Revised Priority Registration times for students will be posted by Wednesday, March 18. Students and advisors should continue to use Self-Service to request review of, confer about, and approve student course plans. With limited in-person meetings possible, students and advisors are strongly encouraged to make use of the Advising notes functionality in Self-Service. Faculty should be prepared to work with students on Monday, April 13 even though it is listed as “No day classes” on the Academic Calendar.
  • Open Registration for Fall 2020 will begin on Monday, April 27 at 8:30 a.m.

Please contact Enrollment Services if you have any questions.


Are the residence halls open?
As of Monday, March 30, 2020, the residences halls, including Gateway Village, are open only to those who have applied and been approved to remain for extenuating circumstances.  Those who have not been approved may not re-enter until further notice.  Residents who were unable to move out all of their belongings before the 30th should hold their keys and notify the Residence Life office. Belongings will remain locked in student rooms until follow up move out dates are determined.  

Is the Residence Life Office open?
Residence Life Offices in the Campus Center remain open Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 4:30 pm with staff to assist people in-person and remotely. The main phone number and email address for most efficient routing of calls and messages are 413-782-1317 and Residencelife@wne.edu.  Calls and messages will be forwarded and returned as quickly as possible. A staff directory can also be found on the Residence Life website. Public Safety, is available 24/7 at 413-782-1411 (for emergencies) and 413-782-1207 (for non-emergencies).

Is Fall 2020 Room selection still happening?
Yes.  Returning Student Room Selection for Fall 2020 is scheduled to begin Wednesday, April 8 with rising seniors. Information about the process including dates and times for rising juniors and sophomores can be found on the room selection website.  Due to hardships caused by COVID-19, exceptions will be made to waive housing deposits so all students who are interested or required to live in University housing can fully participate in the process. Watch University Posts, Kodiak classrooms and email for more information, or call or email Residence Life if you have questions.

What is the status of University Housing?
All Western New England University housing, including Gateway Village, is closed for the remainder of the spring semester.

When must I leave?
All students (including graduate students) must move out by March 29. Residents are urged to move out as soon as possible during the week when offices are open or over the weekends if necessary.  Please avoid waiting until the last weekend when congestion could be greatest.  Card access for residential areas will end at 11:59 p.m. on March 29. 

When should I arrive on campus to move out?
Many students have already moved out. In order to avoid having too many other people being in buildings/areas at once, those who need to come back to move out are asked to spread themselves over different days to promote social distancing. It is not required, but if possible, students with last names beginning with A-L are encouraged to move out this week or coming weekend; students with last names ending in M-Z the following week or weekend.

How do I check out of the Residence Halls?
Residents will check themselves out as RAs are no longer on-duty. Please remove all personal belongings and trash. Clean and leave your room and/or apartment in the best condition you can. Take all appliances and electric/corded items home rather than placing in campus trash. Return room keys to the Area Director Office, Residence Life or Public Safety in an Express Check-Out envelope available at each location. Mailbox keys should be returned to the mailroom if not returning in the fall. Forgotten keys should be mailed back as soon as possible to prevent key charges.

What do I do if I have no place to live or cannot go home?
Apply for an exception to remain in housing for the rest of the semester.

How do I apply to remain in housing?
Applications to remain in housing can be found in the student’s THD account in Connect2U and are due Friday, March 20. Notification of approval/denial to stay will be made by Wednesday, March 25. 

What are reasons to remain in housing?
Reasons may include: being an international student unable to return home; being an essential student employee needed to stay and work for the University; having an internship, externship, or other academic requirement that requires staying in the area; not having access to internet or other technology for online learning; being otherwise homeless with no other living arrangements. Other individual extenuating circumstances will be considered.

What food services will there be available to students who must live on campus?
During the week of March 15 to 21, the grill and retail section of the University Commons will be open from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and students will be served dinner from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. on the first floor or the second floor Dining Hall. During the week of March 22 to 29, meals will be served on the second floor Dining Hall.

If approved to stay, will I stay in my current assignment?
Residents may be required to move into other campus assignments in order to consolidate buildings or create social distancing, if necessary. Residents who test positive for COVID-19 may need to move for isolation purposes.

What if I have a pharmacy rotation that begins later this semester?
If you are not currently in the rotation you should make other arrangements until University housing reopens.  Reopening date after spring semester is yet to be determined.

What if I have labs or class projects that need to be done?
With all classes moving online, laboratory project space and classroom space will not be available to students and therefore do not require remaining on campus.

I’m hoping to return for the summer or to the same apartment next year. Can I leave things in my room or apartment?
No. We do not yet know when or where students will be assigned this summer or fall and we cannot guarantee the security of personal items left behind. All personal items must be removed or will be discarded. Graduate students hoping to return to the same apartment, may request but cannot be assured the same space until offers are made later this spring/summer.

Is storage available on campus?
No. Students may consider local off-campus storage options such as U-Haul Moving & Storage, Public Storage or Cube Smart. 

What about Spring Break housing?
Spring Break housing is extended until March 29 for students who were already approved to stay for break (including graduate students).  All students are encouraged to move out before then unless approved to stay for the remainder of the semester.

When will 2020-2021 Room Selection Process take place?
The online Room Selection Process scheduled to begin March 25 is postponed until April 8. This will allow more time for students to form their groups and understand the process.  Information about the process can be found on the Returning Student Housing Selection page

When does summer housing begin?
We hope to announce summer housing plans by May 1.

How do I get help?
Residence Life is open 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 413-782-1317 or email ResidenceLife@wne.edu if you have housing related questions. In case of emergency, Public Safety can be reached 24/7 at 413-782-1207.


Will Commencement ceremonies still be held?
We know how important commencement is to our students and their families. The University is exploring possibilities to recognize our hard-working students. The current May commencements are postponed. Announcements about Commencements will be posted as soon as we understand when we are able to recognize our graduates.

Will there be celebratory events on campus for graduating students to celebrate with each other?
As of now, the safest choice for our community is to cancel on-campus classes and all student activities through the end of the semester. Based on current information, we do not foresee this changing. When circumstances change in a way where we could ensure the safety of our community, we would love to welcome our graduating students back on campus. Western New England University will work with our graduating students to coordinate an on-campus celebration in recognition of accomplishments at some point in the future.

What is the impact on varsity athletics?
All varsity athletics have been suspended for the remainder of the academic year. The NCAA has approved a blanket waiver for student-athletes participating in spring sports, waiving the use of a season of participation for all affected. This will provide an opportunity for graduating seniors to return to WNE and compete as graduate students in 2020/2021. It will also provide all undergraduate students an opportunity to develop an academic plan to use all four years of eligibility.

How can students get their mail?
With the extension of Spring Break and moving to online classes, all students are encouraged to pick up all packages at Mail Services and clean out your mailboxes at the Campus Center during normal business hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. by Sunday, March 29. Information about forwarding mail and weekend Mail Service hours will be posted by Wednesday, March 18. 

Student Disability Services (SDS) Questions

How does the online learning environment work for students with disabilities?
The online classroom environment can promote universally designed instruction and multi-sensory learning opportunities, which support a diverse range of learners. Information is presented through recordings, videos, online discussions, etc. which can intrinsically assist with access to information for students with disabilities.

That said, accommodations are highly individualized. For most students, accommodations have been implemented for a physical classroom environment. It is important for students to learn what the online environment will be like and to contact SDS should they have questions and/or concerns.

Two of the most common accommodations are extended time on exams and/or quizzes and note taking. Please see below for questions pertinent to these accommodations. 

What if students need extended time for exams and/or quizzes?
If timed exams and/or quizzes are given in an online environment then the online time frame for students with extended time as an accommodation needs to be expanded according to the student's accommodation need communicated in the Faculty Notification Letter. Students are encouraged to reach out to instructors around their extended time needs as exams and/or quizzes ensue. Faculty members are also encouraged to reach out to students to learn if the accommodation is needed for an upcoming exam or quiz. 

What if a student has been using a note taker?
Should a student have note taking identified as an accommodation and he/she has been utilizing it this semester, the following can serve as notes in the online environment: recorded lectures, PowerPoint outlines or notes, copy of instructor’s notes if available or appropriate. PowerPoint outlines provided in advance tend to be most helpful for those students who are able to take the majority of notes, but who do not get down all of the information in order to have a complete set of notes.  Any of these methods of delivery can serve as a copy of notes.  

New Accommodation Requests

What if a student is requesting a new accommodation in either the online environment or housing environment (if provided with permission to stay on campus)?
Current students should first contact either lorri.comeau@wne.edu, SDS Disability Specialist, or jennifer.brazenall@wne.edu, SDS Accommodation Coordinator, should they have questions around new accommodation needs. We will continue to work with students via the regular accommodation request process and the conversation can begin in email. Phone appointments will be made as needed. Please see contact information below.

Prospective Students 
We will continue to work with prospective students and their families and will communicate via email and phone appointments to discuss what the accommodation process is like and how SDS works. Certainly, we encourage prospective students and their families to view the SDS website as it does provide pertinent information. 

Commencement Questions

Will Commencement ceremonies still be held?
We know how important commencement is to our students and their families. The University is exploring possibilities to recognize our hard-working students. The current May commencements are postponed. Announcements about Commencements will be posted as soon as we understand when we are able to recognize our graduates.