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Entering time during COVID-19 closures

Updated April 3, 2020

To ensure the hourly employees who are required to work on premise receive the 25% premium increase please follow the instructions below. There is a new COVID-19 code in the timesheets, this is for payroll use only.

For Exempt Employees:

  • Please manage your timecard as usual. If you take any sick or vacation days, enter that time as you normally would. Otherwise, please leave your timecards as is.
  • WebAdvisor is accessible through Self-Service or the direct URL https://webadvisor.wne.edu/.

For Non-Exempt Self Service Employees:

  • Please only enter hours worked ON PREMISES on your timecards as regular time. Payroll will make adjustments for all other normally scheduled hours.
  • Self-service is accessible via Connect2U, the WNEU mobile app, and directly through the URL https://selfservice.wne.edu.

For Non-Exempt Kronos Employees:

  • Employees who are still swiping at the time clock and supervisors of these employees do not need to take any additional action. Continue to punch in and out for your shifts. 
  • Supervisors will enter any sick or vacation hours as used.
  • Supervisors do not need to enter anything in for employees who have medical or child care waivers - Payroll will make the appropriate adjustments for those instances.

Self-service and WebAdvisor are both accessible off campus, so you can update and approve timecards remotely.

Supervisors should remember to review and approve their employees’ time as usual.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office:

Nina Leclerc

Denise Kareta

Mary Beth Godon