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Outdoor Gathering Size Update

Updated April 7, 2021

Spring is in the air Golden Bears! The weather is warming up and it is time for the Golden Bears to come out of hibernation! Beginning Wednesday, April 7, the outdoor informal social gathering sizes will increase to no more than 8 individuals per group. In addition, we will launch four designated areas on campus that will afford you space to grab your lawn games and blankets and get outdoors. Patio furniture will be positioned around the campus so that you can grab your meals and take them outdoors.

Please note masks must be worn at all time; staff will be on location; the capacity limits and gathering sizes for the four designated areas are listed below:


  • Tables may seat up to 8 individuals
  • 2 areas are designated for recreation not to exceed 25 total people per area

Commonwealth Lawn: MAXIMUM CAPACITY LIMIT 50

  • Tables may seat up to 8 individuals


  • Basketball court (by Wilbraham parking lot)
  • Green space (by Wilbraham parking lot)

Windham/LaRiviere Courtyard: MAXIMUM CAPACITY LIMIT 25

  • Tables may seat 8 individuals

In addition to increasing and identifying outdoor gathering spaces; university sanctioned events indoors in the Campus Center A will have capacity up to 50 people; Campus Center B will have capacity up to 25 people; Rivers Arena will have capacity up 50 people; the CAHLC will have capacity up to 50 people

As a reminder, outside of the designated areas, outside informal social gatherings should not exceed 8 people. Indoor gathering size limits remain the same; no more than one additional person in a double room and no more than 8 people in a suite or townhouse.

Kerri P. Jarzabski
Vice President for Student Affairs