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Student Guide on the Start of Classes

Updated August 17, 2020

What to Expect in Your Classrooms and on Campus

The Start of Classes

  • Most students will have a blend of on-ground, online and/or hybrid classes this fall. A majority of our courses are scheduled on-ground. Students need to check their course information in Kodiak (or TWEN) before classes start.

  • Online courses may be asynchronous or synchronous. Asynchronous means the class does not meet at an assigned time. The course will be managed through a learning management system (i.e. Kodiak, TWEN, etc.). Synchronous classes have scheduled meeting days and times just like regular classes.

  • Hybrid courses meet both on-ground (in-person) and online (remotely).

  • Students should regularly check how and where their courses are delivered in Self-Service.

Face Coverings & Health/Safety Precautions

  • University policy requires that everyone MUST wear a face covering on campus and in all buildings including classrooms.

  • Although disposable masks will be available in the classroom in the RARE case that you forget your face covering, it is important for you to adhere to this policy.

  • Students refusing to wear a face covering will be directed to leave the classroom immediately; this policy will be STRICTLY enforced for the health and safety of everyone. Every individual’s personal responsibility is to care for one another, and one of the most important values of the Western New England University community.

  • Students refusing to wear a face covering and refusing to leave the classroom will result in the instructor dismissing the class and reporting the student to the Dean of Students for possible disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal from the University.

  • WEAR YOUR FACE COVERING properly! Be sure it covers your mouth, nose, and chin. Pay attention to social distancing and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid contact with objects, surfaces, and other areas that can spread the virus. Hand sanitizers are in prominent places in all buildings, and hand soap is in all restrooms.

  • Students and faculty are responsible for cleaning the space they will be sitting at and using at the start of each class. Cleaning and disinfectant products are in all classrooms.

Food or Drink in Classrooms

  • NOT permitted in classrooms at any time. If you need to eat or drink during class period, exit the classroom before doing so.

Faculty Office Hours

  • Faculty office hours will be conducted remotely as much as possible.



Call our COVID-19 HELP DESK @ 413-782-1321.


We know that this pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways we never could have imagined. Our University is a place where your health, safety, and educational success are our greatest priorities and we have worked hard for every member in our learning community to fulfill the goals of those priorities.

We are counting on YOU to take this virus seriously, both on and off our campus. Be diligent in following the health and safety protocols. Be patient and kind to one another through this ever-changing time. Ask for help when you need it. We are here for you. We believe in your caring spirit for your fellow community members at WNE and for your friends and loved ones.

As we say, we are better when working together. This is an important time to bring out our Golden Bear Pride!