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COVID-19 Testing Plan for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Updated August 12, 2020 (Original August 5, 2020) 

As part of our plan to protect the health and safety of our community, all students, faculty and staff are required to have a COVID-19 test prior to the start of classes. All tests will be administered by the Western New England University Health Services Department and will be free of charge. The test being used is a nasal test, not a nasal/throat test, and is not painful or uncomfortable.

The expected time to receive results is 72 hours, which is subject to change based on volume levels throughout the semester. Individuals who test positive will be contacted by the Health Services Department for next steps regarding receiving medical care and developing a plan to isolate to prevent the spread of the virus. Those who test negative will not be contacted with test results.

Western New England University will be participating in a Contract Tracing Program through the Massachusetts Department of Health and will cooperate with their requests to take action that can reduce the spread of the virus.

Following the initial round of testing of all students, faculty, and staff, the Health Services Department will conduct random testing throughout the semester. These random tests will include, but will not be limited to, groups and areas that may be at a higher risk of infection. More information will be shared with the community regarding random testing once the initial baseline tests have concluded.

Community members will be able to receive a COVID-19 test and/or an antibody blood test as needed by making an appointment with the Health Services Department.

COVID-19 Testing Schedule



Watch the University Posts for additional information regarding testing.

Staff: To be scheduled according to Vice President/Dean per Health Services

August 13-14, 17-18, 2020        

*Staff who do not comply will be contacted by their supervisor and will be asked to schedule a test.

Faculty: Will have access to a QR code to sign up/schedule test time

August 31-September 1, 2020 or the first day back on campus to teach

*Faculty who do not comply will be contacted by their Dean or Department Chair and will be asked to schedule a test. 


Wednesday, August 26-Sunday, August 30, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.* Sleith Parking Lot

*Exception: some of the graduate/professional programs have worked directly with Kathy Reid and their school/colleges' Dean to set up testing for their constituency.

No QR code will be needed at all for any student to schedule or take the test.

Students who do not comply will be contacted by the Dean of First Year Students/Dean of Students Office. Those who do not test will not be able to attend class until tested and may face University dismissal.

For questions regarding any of this information, contact:

Health Services

Dean of Students Office

Office of First Year Students and Students in Transition