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Mask Policy

Updated August 7, 2021

All Western New England University community members (students, faculty, and staff) are required to wear a face-covering indoors regardless of vaccination status.

A face covering is defined by Western New England University as a face shield or face mask.

Outside: Masking is not required when outside. Individuals may want to wear a mask outside and may do so at their discretion.

Inside (general policy): In an abundance of caution, masking inside buildings is required. This includes classrooms, laboratories, and residence hall common areas, and applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors.

Inside (exceptions): Exceptions will be made in the following circumstances:

  • Individuals working alone in an enclosed space (an office, research lab, area with a door or dividers 5 feet tall or higher).
  • Student residential rooms, (but not common areas).
  • Meetings and small group work taking place in enclosed offices/conference rooms where all attendees are fully vaccinated be and close contact can be avoided.  

Every community member is required to abide by this policy. If an employee or student refuses to comply with this policy, they will be asked to remove themselves from their location and may face disciplinary action as outlined in the student or employee handbook.

Who is exempted from wearing a face-covering?

Certain medical and mental health conditions may exempt a person from wearing a face covering. Students should contact Student Accessibility Services for more information. Employees should contact Human Resources for more information.

Additional Guidelines

  • Community members may wear their own face covering (shield or mask) instead of the face-covering provided by Western New England University.
  • Face coverings must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Face masks should fit snugly against the side of the face. They must be secured with ear loops or other secure fittings around the head and include multiple layers of fabric.
  • When putting on, adjusting, or removing the face covering, only touch the straps. Do not touch the face covering.
  • Hand sanitizer should be used after touching your face covering.
  • Face coverings must be stored in a safe location (in your pocket, desk, or plastic bag) and sanitized/washed regularly with soap and water.
  • Face coverings do not have to be worn when eating or smoking in an appropriate or designated location. Food and drink are not permitted in classrooms, or other locations where face coverings are required at all times.
  • Cloth face coverings should be washed after using for one day. Disposable masks should be disposed of after use for one day and should not be used for multiple days.