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Change to mail services/approval of invoices

Updated April 14, 2020


While we appreciate the fact that so many are continuing to retrieve their mail from Mail Services, and are approving bills for payment, in response to minimizing potential exposures we are taking additional steps to restrict the necessary movement of our staff around the campus.  Beginning Monday, April 13th, business mail will be opened in Mail Services by the Procurement Services personnel. (USPS regulations support the opening of business mail addressed to individuals on the campus.)  Any mail marked confidential, or appearing to be personal in nature, will be forwarded to the addressee’s home mail address.   Except for packages (which may be retrieved as needed), other mail may still be picked up at Mail Services, but we ask that each office only do this only once per week.

To limit possibilities that personal mail may be opened by University staff, we ask that you not have personal mail addressed to Western New England University during the COVID-19 crisis.

While Procurement staff are working remotely, Procurement Services has temporarily implemented an electronic procedure for distributing invoices.  Procurement Services will be emailing all scanned invoices to the expected approver. When approving an invoice, note any comments in the body of your email response: partial receipt, damaged, account number(s) with appropriate amount, and purchase order number if not already noted on the invoice.   Forwarding (not replying) back to ALL so as to attach the scanned invoice, including Procurement@wne.edu, will be sufficient approval.  However, the email must come from the approver, include the scanned invoice, and originate from a WNE email address.  If you receive an invoice that you are not responsible for approving, please forward to that appropriate approver if known and include Procurement@wne.edu.  Otherwise notify Procurement that you cannot approve the invoice.

A fill-in version of the form of the TME report can be found at https://www1.wne.edu/procurement/accounts-payable/forms-policies-and-procedures-ap.cfm.  A new fill-in Check Request form will be posted by Tuesday, April 14. We ask that all TME and Check Requests get emailed to procurement@wne.edu with supporting documentation.  If sending electronic support is not possible please contact anyone in Procurement Services for guidance.

For Purchase Order Requisitions, you can fill out an electronic version of the PO which can be found at https://www1.wne.edu/procurement/purchasing.cfm and emailed to procurement@wne.edu

Any questions regarding approved invoices, TME reports, Check Requests or Purchase Order Requisitions or other issues may be addressed to anyone in Procurement Services listed below. 

Staff in Procurement Services:
Arlene Rock 413-782-1538 arlene.rock@wne.edu
Pat Lamere 413-796-2256 patricia.lamere@wne.edu
Sandy O’Neil 413-782-1236 sandra.oneil@wne.edu
Kathy Johnson 413-782-1237 kathleen.johnson@wne.edu

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the current pandemic.