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Update for Faculty and Staff

Note: An update to this information can be found in the Revised Domestic Travel Policy, posted March 18, 2020.

Updated March 10, 2020

University-Sponsored Domestic Travel

The University is not imposing restrictions on the University-sponsored domestic travel at this time, but urges faculty, staff, and students to be aware that upcoming conferences may be canceled and to exercise caution in making plans. In cases where events are canceled for arrangements made prior to March 12, 2020, the University will work to obtain refunds but will otherwise reimburse individuals for personal charges, which anticipated reimbursement consistent with the existing travel policy as if the travel had been undertaken.    

Beginning on March 12, 2020, the University will require that all University-sponsored domestic travel be booked through the Procurement Office using University resources such as the Procurement ProCards or purchase orders. The use of individual ProCards to book travel, such as airlines, and accommodations is prohibited. The University will not assume any liability for reimbursing faculty, staff, or students for travel plans which used personal credit cards or other personal resources, and will retract individual ProCards used in violation of this ban. This change in policy, which will remain effective through August 31st, 2020, is intended to ensure that University sponsored travel is booked through sources that would allow maximum refund capabilities in the event of cancellation and may include restrictions on particular airline carriers and hotels.

The University urges all faculty, staff, and students to exercise caution in personal domestic travel, staying current with CDC and Public Health statements regarding the COVID-19 virus and seasonal illnesses, such as influenza A and B, which remain threats to public health. All students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally must complete an International Travel Form upon their return. Learn more at US State Department Smart Travel Enrollment Program.

University community members showing symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 virus after returning from Spring Break will be required to be self-isolating and will be prohibited from attending classes or work assignments. Please be conscious of your responsibility to protect your fellow Western New England community members if you are feeling ill, regardless of your actual symptoms. DO NOT go to WNE Health Services without first calling 413-782-1211 so that accommodations can be made to avoid contact with others.