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Update for Faculty and Staff

Updated March 20, 2020

Changes to Attendance and Work Requirements

In an effort to further protect the health and welfare of our employees, as well as the University, it is important we define who needs to continue to work on the campus, who is being transitioned to remote work, and who will need to be reassigned in order to remain productively engaged.

Those personnel in positions critical to the maintenance of the health and security of the campus, and whose work can only be performed while physically present on the campus, are expected to continue coming to work on the campus.  These are defined as “on premises” positions.  Supervisors will be contacting individual personnel.  On premises positions include all Facilities staff (Buildings and Grounds, Housekeeping), Public Safety, Mail Services, and Health Services; as well as some positions in IT, the Controller’s office, Bursar’s office, and Residence Life.  If you are in an “on premises” position, and feel that you are unable to comply with physical attendance requirements, please refer to the waiver process found at the University’s website under “Important Information from Human Resources” in the Messages for Faculty and Staff section of the COVID-19 page.  Public Safety and Health Services personnel are not eligible to apply under the COVID-19 waiver process.  The University will be instituting a policy whereby non-exempt (hourly) personnel falling into the “on premises” category, and reporting to work, will be temporarily compensated at an hourly rate 25% above their current rate, to be effective Monday, March 23rd, 2020.

Exempt and non-exempt employees who are not in “on premises” positions, as well as all faculty, whose work can be performed remotely are being requested to work remotely.  These are “work remotely” positions.  We are in the process of providing technology, and/or other support, to such staff and faculty as necessary.  Although this may not be completed by Monday, March 23rd, you will not be required to physically report to work.  You will continue to be compensated.      

If your position is not classified as an “on premises” or “work remotely” position, and you are unable to continue your current duties from home, you will not be required to physically report to work, but you can expect short-term reassignment to other duties.  You will continue to be compensated. 

The senior leadership of the University will remain immediately available to the campus and on-call to be physically present on the campus.    

In summary, if it is considered necessary for the health and security of the campus that you be required to physically report to work, you will be required to do so unless you meet one or more of the criteria to be exempted.  If you can work remotely, you are requested to do so, and we are working to support you in that goal.  If your job simply can’t be done remotely, and you are not in an on-premises position, you may be assigned to other duties.   

At the present time, personnel wishing to continue to work on the campus may do so, but should inform their supervisors in advance.