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Update for Faculty and Staff

Updated March 24, 2020

Governor Baker’s March 23 Executive Order

Governor Baker announced an Executive Order on March 23 that directed all non-essential businesses to be closed beginning today (March 24) at 12:00 noon through April 7. The order included language that exempts businesses that provide community-based essential functions. College and university employees are exempt from the ban in order to maintain essential student services. Essential student services include facilitating distance learning and providing other services for the students who remain on campus. Likewise, many business functions necessary to keep all businesses running, not just Universities and Colleges, are exempt from the ban including: workers in medical facilities (such as our Health Services), law enforcement (such as our Public Safety personnel), food service workers in residential schools, public works personnel (such as our Buildings and Grounds staff), Information Technology staff, and Financial Services staff. All Western New England employees being required to physically work on the campus, or working remotely but needing to come to campus for some portions of their work, meet Governor Baker’s definition of exempted personnel.  

We understand that some staff are fearful they might be stopped in route to the campus by law enforcement. Please remember that at the present time the Executive Order was an advisory only. Should this change, the Office of Finance and Administration is prepared to give employees who are required to be on campus letters certifying their status as essential personnel.