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Update for Faculty and Staff

Updated March 27, 2020

Update Regarding University Procards

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased incidences of fraud around the United States. In response, the University’s Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) has taken a number of measures to protect the University’s finances. One of these responses has been to immediately place the majority of University ProCards on hold—meaning they cannot be used at this time to make any purchases and will be denied if used by the card holder. At this time, it is not known when the holds will be lifted.

Cards that remain open and can be used to make purchases include those held by members of the EMRT, staff who need to purchase computers or facility supplies, Procurement Services staff members, and individuals who make the majority of departmental charges. We have increased spending limits on some ProCards to ensure we can continue to supply the University with technology and other critical resources at this time. Given their low volume of use, and that the majority of usage is for travel, faculty ProCards are on hold. All major units of the University still have one or more ProCards available for making necessary purchases. If you are uncertain if your card is on hold, please contact Arlene Rock at 413-782-1538 (arlene.rock@wne.edu) or Julie LeBeau at 413-782-1293 (julie.lebeau@wne.edu) before attempting to use your ProCard.

In the meantime, we request that you use other options to make necessary purchases. These include: requesting an active cardholder within your division make the purchase, submitting a Purchase Order, and contacting Procurement Services to utilize a Procurement staff member’s ProCard. We will consider opening additional ProCards only if absolute necessary. Please feel free to reach out to Procurement Services to assist you with your purchase by contacting Pat Lamere at 796-2256 (patricia.lamere@wne.edu) or Arlene Rock as above. 

Cardholders and Account Group Managers, please watch your University email for any further information. Your GRAM reports will be sent out electronically with ongoing directions and instructions.