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Message for Students Regarding COVID-19 and In-Person Class Attendance

Updated February 1, 2021

If you are unable to attend a class due to COVID-19 related reasons such as being named a direct contact, contracting COVID-19, or are ill and/or need to quarantine or isolate, contact Health Services at healthservices@wne.edu or by calling (413) 782-1211 as soon as possible. Health Services will provide a confirmation note that can be provided to your course instructor(s), who have been urged to accommodate and support their students to the greatest extent possible to enable their continued course progression. 

Please be reminded that you cannot attend an in-person, on-ground class if you test positive for COVID-19 until you clear the ten-day isolation period. The same applies if you have been notified by a relevant authority that you are a COVID-19 contact. You must first clear the quarantine period. 

Remember, do not attend an in-person, on-ground class if you feel sick, no matter how small the symptoms may feel. Instead, consult Health Services or your family health provider before returning to class.