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Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Information

Updated January 14, 2021 (original post: January 7, 2021)

In preparation for classes resuming for the spring semester, the University will conduct the following opening procedures:

All members of the University are required to test for COVID-19 prior to the start of the semester. Testing is free and will be conducted by Health Services.

This testing is for screening only. As we are all aware, COVID-19 testing is a snapshot in time and has decreased accuracy as we each continue our daily lives and time passes. Testing must be performed in a systematic way and with careful planning due to the size of our community. We have chosen the timing of the tests so that every community member is tested as near to the start of the semester as possible, regardless of whether or not someone has been on campus over the winter break. Everyone must continue to observe physical distancing, practice regular hand washing, and follow face covering requirements, both before and after they are tested.

Our campus-wide testing plan has been provided to and accepted by the Massachusetts Department for Public Health.

There are two ways in which students and employees can receive a COVID-19 test. The first is to be tested, at no charge, through WNE Health Services. Specific details can be found below. The second is to receive a test off campus, and bring or email a negative COVID-19 test result to Health Services (healthservices@wne.edu) within 72 hours of the assigned test day.

Staff & Faculty Testing

Human Resources will be communicating with staff and faculty regarding the specifics of testing. Testing will take place in Rivers Hall.

Residential Students Testing: January 20-22
(Updated 1/14/2021)

All students will be tested January 20-22, from 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. at Rivers Hall, at times assigned alphabetically by last name. Please check with The Housing Director (THD) for testing and move-in time slots.

Please note:

  • You MUST enter campus through the WNE Welcome Center entrance off of Wilbraham Road. Please review the traffic flow map before arriving on campus.

  • You will be directed to Rivers Auditorium for COVID testing and key pick up.

  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students to have a flu shot before attending school. For more information about the flu shot requirement, please review the Influenza Vaccine Requirement for Attendance at Post-Secondary Institutions.

  • If you have not had a flu shot, you will be able to get one at check-in, in Rivers, until flu shot supply is exhausted. You MUST present your insurance card if you are getting your flu shot on campus.

  • You may arrive any time within your scheduled two-hour time period, but please do not arrive early.

  • After being COVID tested and receiving your key, you will proceed directly to your room to move in.

  • You may have up to two family members assist you moving into your room.

  • Please unload quickly and then move your vehicle from the unloading area so that others may unload closer to the building.

If questions, students should email residencelife@wne.edu or call 413-782-1317

Last Name Alphabetical Schedule:

Wednesday 1/20/21
A-Bl 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.  
Bo-Ca 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon  
Ce-De 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m.  
Di-Fo 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. 

Thursday 1/21/21
Fr-Hi 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. 
Ho-K 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon
L-Ma 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. 
Mc-My 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. 

Friday 1/22/21
N-Q 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
R-Se 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon 
Sh-T 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. 
U-Z 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Commuter Students Testing: January 18-19

All commuter students will be tested anytime January 18-19, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Rivers Hall.  Any students failing to report for testing will not be permitted to attend class.  

Early Arrivals Testing

Early arrival student leaders and athletes should refer to information from their areas about their testing process. Specific testing details will be communicated to you prior to your arrival on campus. Questions should be emailed to the Division of Student Affairs studentaffairs@wne.edu 

New Incoming Undergraduate Resident Students Testing: January 21

Will test January 21, anytime between 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at Rivers Hall. 

Graduate Students (returning, new students, or students who remained on campus during break)
(Updated 1/14/2021)

Will not be assigned alphabetically. Instructions with specific details from College Deans have been sent via email.

School of Law
(Updated 1/14/2021)

Commuter Law Students:
All commuter law students will be tested on Monday, January 18 or Tuesday, January 19 during business hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) in Rivers Hall. Students may also provide outside testing results to Health Services within 72 hours of arrival. 

Gateway residential students:

  1. Gateway residents must notify residence life on the day and time you plan to arrive. As a reminder, Health Services and Residence Life are closed Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17.

  2. Early move in to Gateway and testing will occur on Friday, January 15 during business hours (8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.). If you are not available to be tested with Health Services on January 15, arrangements to move in should be made with Residence Life.  
  1. If you need to move in but do not have time on January 15 to have a test performed,  you may notify Residence Life and follow the commuter law student schedule for testing on January 18 or 19. Beginning January 15 you must get a test at Health Services or provide your own negative test results to Health Services within 72 hours of arrival.  

(Updated 1/14/2021)

Students will be tested based upon the following schedule:


Residential Students

Commuter Students


At point of move-in, no earlier than Jan 18

Jan 22: Lunch break during Immunization Training


At point of move-in, no earlier than Jan 18

Jan 18 or 19, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


At point of move-in, no earlier than Jan 18

Jan 18 or 19, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Early move in to Gateway and testing will occur on Friday, January 15 during business hours (8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.). If you are not available to be tested with Health Services on January 15, arrangements to move in should be made with Residence Life. As a reminder, Health Services and Residence Life are closed Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17. 

Ongoing Testing

We are pleased to share that we have contracted with the Broad Institute for the spring semester testing, which will allow us to increase significantly the number of students and employees selected to participate in our mandatory surveillance testing program.  As in the fall, ongoing, weekly testing will occur throughout the semester.  Students, faculty, and staff will be contacted via University e-mail when they are randomly selected for testing and must attend their scheduled appointment. The University currently plans to conduct approximately 500 weekly surveillance tests. 

The Broad Institute will send an email to the patient when a test result available. The patient must log in, and create an account to see the test result. Last semester, many community members expressed a desire to be notified of positive or negative test results. The Broad Institute requires that every patient provides a phone number before a test is administered. Please go to Colleague self-service and enter a valid working telephone number in your profile. You may provide your home or cell phone number or both, but one of these fields must be completed. If a valid number is not available through Colleague, you will instead need to provide a valid number when reporting for testing. 

Anyone may bring, or email Health Services (healthservices@wne.edu), their negative COVID-19 test result, within 72 hours of their assigned test day, to satisfy the WNE testing requirement. 

For information about off campus testing, please visit:  MA Stop the  Spread

Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Requirement

A current Influenza (Flu) Vaccine is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for ALL students to attend classes. The vaccine is presently available in Health Services until we have exhausted our supply. There is no appointment required to receive the vaccine in Health Services. Make sure to bring your insurance card for billing purposes. Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If you choose to get the vaccine off campus you will need to provide Health Services with documentation from the site where the vaccine was provided. 

Anyone may bring, or email Health Services (healthservices@wne.edu), proof of Flu Vaccination to satisfy the MA Flu Vaccine requirement. 

COVID-19 Vaccination

While higher education is not part of Phase I and II of the vaccination plan, the University has applied to be a Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) site which would allow us to issue vaccinations on campus. We are closely monitoring information related to vaccine release phases. More information about the Massachusetts vaccination plan can be found here

It is imperative that we all do our part to ensure a smooth spring semester opening. Test when called upon, wash your hands frequently, and mask up, G-Bears.  

Thank you very much for your support. Please reach out if you have any questions. Regular updates will be posted on the University COVID-19 page.

I know if we all work together we can have another successful semester on campus together.

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Health Services

Vice President for Student Affairs